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Stan Jackson
VP Engineering

"It's not whether or not you make a mistake. Mistakes are inevitable. It's how you recover from your mistakes that makes all the difference."

Catherine Collins

"Be passionate about what you're doing and you'll never work a day in your life."

Maureen Jones
Product Manager

"I am tenacious and not everyone is....that makes me different from most people."

Linda Gilbert

"All of the possibilities in the healthcare field is what is the most exciting part of being a nurse."

Dawn Briggs

You need to make sacrifices to get ahead. It will all be worth it in the end.

Sam Mullaly

"At first I was worried about finding the 'right' job for me, which was really difficult to figure out since I had no idea what that 'right' job was."

Ann Collins

"It's very difficult woking with the public but I love being able to make a positive impact on people when things don't go right."

Brett Hanson
Financial Services

I had a job offer in place even before I had my diploma.

Ileri Ogunfiditimi

"There's no one standing over you with a stick watching everything you do."

Jen Babine
News Director

Get the inside scoop from an Experience Insider.

Anthony Brooks

Get the inside scoop from an Experience Insider.

Cara Buckingham

Discover what it's really like working in this field from an Experience Insider.

Dan Hawks
Assistant Producer

"I had never done anything in television before, so it was pretty interesting."

Danny Derouchie

"At one moment you may be talking to the Governor, the elite and powerful of society who welcome you with open arms, and then your chasing the derelicts of the community..."

Tara Centeio

"Our creative community is so understanding in that they allow us the space to create at our own pace and by our own inspiration."

Kate Amara

"Originally, thought I wanted to be a feature writer, but then got interested in television."

Joann Polatta
Weekday Producer

Learn about broadcast journalism from an Experience Insider working in the industry.

Eric Heenan
Associate Producer

"It can be a horrible, horrible business with horrible pay. Only do it if you love it."

Karen Jacobs
Marketing Assistant

Learn more about working in marketing from an Experience Insider.

Theresa Franco
Media Coordinator

In high school I thought I wanted to work in arts, but in college I took some marketing classes and decided I liked the business side more.



Katrina Seitz
Account Coordinator

"A good AC must be organized, attentive to details, smart and able to make decisions independently."

Jill Shea

Learn what it's like working in this industry from an Experience Insider.

Dorling Kindersley

Learn what it's like to work in book publishing from an Experience Insider.

Blake Harper
Research Assistant

"A good fit is where you both have a good idea of what your abilities are. You need to find out what they need out of you so you can deliver."

Bob Bergman
Investment Banker

"Investment banks have different strengths and different weaknesses in certain areas. Try to decide where you'd like to be based on that and then see if the people you meet and the culture of the firm are a good fit for you."

Carie Goldberg
Media and Promotions

We're not the ones who make it sexy because we're not the ones on the field.

Drew Shepard
Change Communications Consultant

"Most people don't really know what a PR agent does or what the difference is between PR and Advertising. There's a very profound difference."

Greg Hendricks

"A communication background is a plus, but is not required."

Wendy Simon
Assistant Scientist I

Discover what it's really like working as an Assistant Scientist in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry.

Kristin Kelly
Assistant Scientist

Discover what an Experience Insider can tell you about working as an assistant scientist in the biotech & pharmacy industry.

Mike Lohuis
Senior Animal Geneticist

You can have the sense that you're going to make a difference, both on your own--that you've got a chance to accomplish something significant, and the company itself wants to do something novel, interesting. They want to change the world.

Suzanne Nutter
Associate Biochemist

I feel useful and I love that aspect of my job.

Sara Hellman
Associate Organic Chemist in Drug Discovery

"I had two days a week of lab work, but I had no industry experience."

Dorothy Moore

I do experiments as directed by the laboratory principal investigator, and I perform general lab upkeep/maintenance duties too.

Jennifer Colombo
Associate Organic Chemist

It's a really good situation for me. I'm learning a lot.

Gwinson Gamboa
Materials Management

I found out they hire temporary work, and that's actually how I got my foot in the door.

Elwyn Cabebe

At first I thought I didn't think I'd be able to learn all this technique...

Rebecca Kramer
Public Relations

"In general, the best thing about PR is that it's a different job every day..."

Kara Martell
Account Executive

PR is an industry where clients demand a great deal and you have to deliver.

David LaBar

"I targeted the top ten PR firms in New York. Cold call - sent in a resume, placed a phone call and they just happened to have an opening at that time."

Diana Britt
Account Manager

A PR Associate needs good personality traits, an outgoing manner, a strong work ethic, good writing and speaking skills.

Luanne Zurlow
Latin America Equity Analyst

"There is a lot of publicity, freedom and power, and this is interesting work."

Laura Hewitt

"I chose Financial consulting and I'm happy with that choice. I didn't want to be in Investment Banking or Advertising."

Lane McDonald

The more you understand numbers, the better you'll be.

Will Griffith
Investment Banker

"The job is fast paced and an incredible learning experience."

Theresa Gotto

I had wanted to go into law, but I really like business, so I changed gears and went into banking.

Tad Gulesarian

The travel is great too but it can be extensive and can also be the worst thing at times.

Pravin Kalpage

"The people are great! But the hours are insane. I'm gaining tons of experience."

Naheed Nenshi

"...Sometimes you will be making models and sitting in front of a spread sheet- other times you will be talking to people at the client and strategising about how best to solve their problems."

Andrew MacKay
Bioprocess Engineer

"I made a decision to take a job with Antigenics as a Bioprocess Engineer."

Melissa Hill
Research Associate, Process Development Lab

This is my first job out of school. My main goal was to get a lot of experience.

Amy David
Coordinator of Affiliated Marketing

I kind of switched industries even though I stayed in marketing, I went from radio to television.

Ryan Jones

Get the inside scoop on from an Experience Insider working in Publishing.

Tawney McCarty
Retail Manager

"I have so many options of where I want to go next."



Christine Thorsteinsson

Get the inside story from an Experience Insider working in this industry.

Julie Steiger

Learn what it's really like working in this industry from an Experience Insider.

Pat Bear
Executive Vice President

"Best way to get a job is through networking--find out who you know and put the word out."

Lee Buttala
Associate Editor

"I was working as a writer for a magazine but I wanted to try something different. Magazine publishing wasn't that fulfilling for me."

Stephanie McLaughlin
Children's Publicity Assistant

Get the inside scoop from an Experience Insider working in this industry.

Eric Schaffer
Marketing and Promotions Manager

"By my senior year in college, they had set me up with a computer, a fax, and a business line in my house..."

Steven Merrill
Head of Marketing

I love marketing and I love sports.

Dewey Blanton
Head of PR

I always knew I wanted to go into sports. I never dreamed it would be through PR.

Julie Kennedy
Events Manager

Get the inside story from an Experience Insider.

Tracy Perlman
Marketing Manager

Get the inside scoop from an Experience Insider.

Shannon Davidson
Manager of Marketing and Communications

Yeah, my job's pretty cool.

Rick Francis
VP of Marketing and Sales

Get the inside scoop from an Experience Insider.

Lee Ann Daly
VP of Marketing

Wonder what it's really like working as a marketing professional? Find out from an Experience Insider.

Cathryn Seymour Dorsey

Even someone with no customer contact needs to be able to sell themselves and their ideas.

Alexis Gentile
Account Executive

I'm exposed to national accounts.

Wendy Rigterink

"Consulting itself can be frustrating. You're either swamped or you've got nothing to do."

Kari Feldman

I was recruited before graduation from a company that came to my school campus. They saw my resume and I met with them. The rest is history as they say.

David Callabria
Accounting Manager

Explore this field from an inside view.

Jorge Solares
Financial Analyst

Discover what it's really like on the inside from an Experience Insider.

Chris Stone
Trust Officer

"I realized there is no typical career path if you're in a company that enables people to move to different departments to develop new skills."

Jared Buel
Account Manager

Get the inside story from someone who's been there.

Tony Tjan
Financial Services Consultant

"Difference between Investment Banking and Consulting-- consultant is like a business doctor, advises on how to stay healthy or improve on health or says how to fix something that is broken."

Maureen Jacobs
Event Planner

Get the inside track from an Experience Insider.

Paul Stone
Investment Banker

"Don't take the job unless this is really what you want to do."

Gracie Valdez
Advertising Manager

Advertising in general, there's always something going on within the community.

Jenn Shreve
Assistant Editor

"So, I was very freaked out as graduation approached because I seriously had no idea if I was ever going to get a job that I would like."

Jackie Peck

"The network environment is a kill or be killed environment, claw your way to the top. It's really competitive."

Greg Wiesman
Tech Service Engineer

"The position is always changing." Greg Wiesman, Tech Service Engineer

Josh Epstein
Equity Analyst

"I think there's potential to do both make a lot of money and do interesting work, which is important to be able to wake up and want to go and do your job."

Joshua Fagen
Portfolio Administrator

It's the industry. If you want to work in investment banking here, that's the standard. You just put the time into it.

Justin Knight-Salliemae

"It's not high-profile like Investment Banking, but it's stable, solid, and I like it. It's the right choice for me."

Janet Peach

"Just think of all the industries that need accountants. Whatever your interests are, accounting can be your door into those industries/jobs."

Mike Thomas
Tax Accountant

Everyone needs well trained help with their taxes.

Sean Corrigan
Corporate Finance Anaylst

We had a one month training program, when I started.

Suzie Elkin
Teacher of English in Madrid Spain

"Teaching in a foreign country has been a major defining moment. The students teach me more than I think I can ever teach them."

Deb Helsing

"A defining moment for me was teaching in Tonga through the Peace Corps."

Bambi Hansen
English Teacher in Spain

"I put up posters offering services as an English language teacher too."

Karina Robinson
Regional Sales Director, EF Educational Tours

"I go to Europe about twice a year for business. About 10 days per trip. On top of salary, I get bonus points for sales and can use those for travel."

David Michel

"I had thought about wanting to teach a long time. I didn't have any clue how to go about it."

Sue Gaines
Educator at PETA

"I also work with teachers that want to use animal rights issues for teaching."

David Katz

"If I'm going to put my energies into something and try to breathe life into a project, I'm going to want to see it manifested somehow."

Paul Scotsman

"We're not just number crunchers. We're the first line of defense for a company and the best resource for determining how to grow forward."

Tricia Gorden

"You can train someone to do a job; you cannot train someone to be hardworking and to show up everyday."

Miles Johnston

Try to get experience while you're still in school with small companies.

Matt Stepanski
Account Manager

"For anyone who has an entrepreneurial side to them, is ambitious, creative, energetic, it's a phenomenal environment. You have a tremendous amount of resources at your disposal..."

Nate Nichols

"That's what a good sale is all about- gaining trust and building a strong client base."

Allen Williamsen
Private Jet Sales

It's possible to take your passion and turn it into a career in unexpected ways.

Betty Anne Bailey

"I learned that the best salesperson is someone who understands what they're selling and what their customer needs. If you can match the two together, you'll make the sale."

Matt Prewitt
Hardware Engineer

Learn from Experience Insiders working in this field.

Tamar Bruckel
Assistant Buyer

"Appearance counts. Even if they say it doesn't."

Amy Rose
Field Services Analyst

"The best thing is the opportunity for personal career development and growth."

Ann Kirzl

"I have to be resourceful."

Melissa Kelly
Staffing Services Manager

I had always enjoyed hiring candidates to be a part of "my team".

Jenna Brady

"My mom is a teacher. I grew up with teaching, so I think that's one of the reasons I didn't go right into that career."

John Hicks
Network Administrator

People don't realize how exciting it is to work in a technology environment. Everyone I work with is on top of the latest and greatest in technological advances. I'm discovering new technologies and new uses for the gadgets I already own.

Chris Andersen
Process Engineer

When I studied engineering in college, I really wasn't too sure how I would use that knowledge.

Gorden Winroe
Energy Analyst

"I read a trade magazine article about conservation, profiling new opportunites for people with my skill level. Based on that, I decided to give it a try."

Security GM, product team

"I like to work hard and continually learn new things, so that could take me anywhere."

Lead Software Design Engineer in Test

"One of our team's activities was going out to a popular restaurant and game room. It was great to be able to challenge each other to pool. Well, one thing's for sure, we shouldn't give up our day jobs!"

Software Design Engineer

"How does one break into the games industry? I wrestled with this question for years when I was younger, trying to come up with a way around the catch-22 that if you want to work on games you need experience working on games."

Associate Product Manager

"With degrees in engineering and cognitive science, I have a good balance of technical understanding and a constant drive to understand what motivates our customers."

Program Manager, Hotmail

"I'm excited to be changing the experience that 200 million people have when they check their email on the web."

Software Design Engineer

"My biggest challenge was getting up to speed with the technologies to the point where I felt comfortable bringing up my ideas and opinions at team meetings and with my Program Manager, and realizing that my opinion mattered and that people wanted to hear it."

Jack Atkins
Independent Petroleum Exploration Geologist

"I was in the right place at the right time during a huge oil boom?there?s nothing wrong with luck."

Avery Anderson
Associate Auditor, General Electric

"Recruiters at General Electric offered me a summer job. As soon as I graduated, it converted to a full-time position and I have continued moving up the ranks at GE."

Chief of Staff to the Chairman and CEO

"As an attorney with a specialty in High Tech law, I have held various professional roles throughout the energy industry over the past ten years."

Amoco Production Company

"I enjoy volunteering my time to encourage students to pursue degrees in engineering..."

Farron Levy

Meet an Experience Insider.

David Floren
Financial Services

"Take an exhaustive approach to finding the right job. Don't shut any doors without knowing what is behind them."

Sue Levy

"Don't worry about making the wrong decisions- make them and remember that no decision is ever your last."

Michael Spirito
Financial Services

"In college, in my senior year, I had no idea what I wanted to do."

Douglas Newton

"In the beginning of your career on work on building skills, staying broad early, but making sure you focus once you know what you want."

Darren Hite

"Find your career path by figuring out what you like and dislike at the same time."

Austin Ramirez

"Find something you love doing."

Taylor Mckinley

"Life is 90% what you make of it."

Kristy Junco

"It's not necessarily about who is the smartest but who is willing to work hard and is the hungriest."

Ethan Bing

"Things are generally not as good or bad as they seem on a given day."

Matthew Hemsley
Investment Banking

"I think the biggest lessons I've learned is that you've got to check your ego at the door."

Anthony Jones

No amount of financial reward can compensate for a lack of profession satisfaction.

Jason Bernd

Your reputation is formed in the first 6 months of work.

Dave Pluhar

I couldn't make up my mind between wanting to be a fireman or an astronaut, so I told people that I wanted to be an astronaut fireman, fighting fires in space.

Aaron Tolson

There is no substitute for hard work; and life isn't fair. If you have to work harder than the other guy, then that's just the way it is.

Amanda Richardson
Financial Services

Adversity and misfortune have created some of my best opportunities.

Jillian Friedman

Work hard!

Vance Vanier

Do work that interests you and work with people that you like and respect. If you focus on those two things, then the rest will take care of itself.

Michael Donner

"My four years of undergrad defined much of who I am as a person as it was a stark contrast from my upbringing in the rural south..."

Raul Munoz

"Learn and don't complain about your salary."

Paul Greene

"Do what you love for a living. If you can find that, you'll be wildly successful and happier than you can ever imagine."

Alex Bergman

"I'm learning a whole new skill set, and I know that I'll be able to apply it the day I finish grad school."

Jeffrey Bernd

"I'm fortunate that I've succeeded in many areas of my life, but I learn the most when things don't work out."

Andrew Mackensen
Business Management

"I've learned that relationships are just as important as becoming an expert in your field."

Sally Schoenfeld

"Try to look for something positive to be gained from every professional experience."

Raj Contractor

"Hard work, being passionate, and asking questions."

Christian McFadden

"Working on large, important transactions was enough to keep me motivated through the long hours in investment banking."

Robert Quandt

"Find something that you like and something that you are good at. If you like your work and you have a talent for it, you cannot help but be successful."

Brandon Roach

"I managed the entire process on my own and with no help or connections."

Jocelyn Hunter

"Getting my job at Financial Relations Board (FRB) was my first real success."

Sam Allen
Financial Consulting

"A thoughtful question is often much more valuable that a great insight."

Thomas Niss
Consulting Finance

"Focus - every strategy is not only about what you are going to do and where you want to win but also about what you are not going to do."

Roberto Romero Hidalgo

"Work hard, be enthusiastic, and never give up."

George Wells

"I realized early on that I wanted a career in finance due to my fascination with mathematics and psychology."

Alex Pitt

"Never saying no - whenever I got a rejection letter, I would put in another application."


"I've learned about my personal strengths and weaknesses and how I like to spend my day."

Stephen Shapiro

Do something you're passionate about.

Don Faul

"I really look forward to working in technology with consumer products that will fundamentally change the way people live their daily lives."

Emma Fuerst

Best advice

Cameron Koczon

"A number of friends that I made as far back as high school have been key in defining both my career and life paths."

Tim Kendall

"...the smartest guys in the room are the people who realize they're not the smartest."

James Herbert

"My big break was getting into business school."

Scott Grossman

"Golf as an interest was a huge icebreaker."

Karl Baumert

"It's important to excel at what you are doing even if that isn't the ultimate goal."

DW Boone

"I worked hard..."

Ryan Greene
Finance Consulting

"Find the job where you can learn the most in the shortest amount of time."

Charlotte DeHaven

"Learning something new, and becoming more an expert in something, is exciting to me."

Louie Reformina

"Early in your career, I believe the most important thing you can do is to surround yourself with smart people who are willing to teach you."

Jamie Reigle

"Priorities change and opportunities come and go."

Jesus R.
Restaurant Manager

"I joined the Pizza Hut organization and it has delivered!"

Peter Rottier
Investment Banking

"I tried to anticipate the needs of my senior partners or clients before they knew them."

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