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Kristy Junco

"It's not necessarily about who is the smartest but who is willing to work hard and is the hungriest."

As children, we're all asked the question "What do you want to be when you grow up?" How did you answer?

I wanted to be a ballerina.

What have been the most defining moments along your career path?

My most defining moment by far was getting into Stanford.

How did you get your big breaks?

I'm still trying to figure that part out. I think what separated me was my demonstrated ability to work hard towards my goals and to persevere through any temporary obstacles.

What was the best advice you received when you were first starting out in your career?

Although its cliche, the best advice I received was that I would learn more from my failures than my successes.

What have you learned from your experience?

It's not necessarily about who is the smartest but who is willing to work hard and is the hungriest.

What most excites you about your job right now?

I'm still in school. I find learning new things most exciting right now.

What would you like to have achieved by the last day of your career?

I would have like to achieve success based on my definition of success--to still have learned something new on the last day as my first on the job. I would have also hoped to achieve the balance between having a successful career, loving family and dedicated individual to my community.

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