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Austin Ramirez

"Find something you love doing."

As children, we're all asked the question "What do you want to be when you grow up?" How did you answer?

Professional Athlete

What have been the most defining moments along your career path?

Deciding what job offer to take after undergrad. Going back to spend a year working for a family business.

How did you get your big breaks?

Combination of luck and determination.

What was the best advice you received when you were first starting out in your career?

Find something you love doing.

What have you learned from your experience?

Ask for help early, never burn bridges, find a way to get things done.

What would you like to have achieved by the last day of your career?

Creation of major economic value for society.

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Karl Baumert,  Finance
"It's important to excel at what you are doing even if that isn't the ultimate goal."

Bob Bergman,  Investment Banker
"Investment banks have different strengths and different weaknesses in certain areas. Try to decide where you'd like to be based on that and then see if the people you meet and the culture of the firm are a good fit for you."

Elwyn Cabebe,  Intern
At first I thought I didn't think I'd be able to learn all this technique...

Theresa Franco,  Media Coordinator
In high school I thought I wanted to work in arts, but in college I took some marketing classes and decided I liked the business side more.

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