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Shannon Davidson
Manager of Marketing and Communications

Yeah, my job's pretty cool.

What have been the most defining moments along your career path?

Working in the Sports and Entertainment Division with Molstar. I'm the Manager of Marketing and Communications. I'm in charge of all the internal and external communications, running the media centers during events, planning and organizing events, that sort of thing. It's pretty funny because I never knew that I wanted to be in sports. I didn't even really like sports, except for racing. And that's what we do here mostly. Ironically, the only other sport that really interests me is hockey and Molson has the broadcasting rights to the national and local hockey games, so we do a lot of work with that, too. We do the Vancouver and Toronto Indy races, the Canadian Classics Power Boat Races, and we produce national and local hockey. We also do video production in conjunction with another company. Now we're beginning to focus also on the extreme sports like snowboarding, volleyball-- the new, cutting-edge things.

How did you get your big breaks?

I graduated with a degree in PR and while I was still in school I interned with a PR company. They eventually ended up offering me a job right out of school. I guess you could say that I was fast-tracked because I didn't graduate that long ago and now I'm in a managerial position. I've been extremely fortunate. I just happened to meet my current boss and she ended up recruiting me to work here.

What was the best advice you received when you were first starting out in your career?

Get experience! Start WELL-BEFORE graduation. That's key. It can be done by volunteering at events, even just calling companies out of the blue and asking if they need any help. I advice people to try getting an internship at a PR firm, help out with events. They are always needing extra arms, legs, and bodies. It's a great way to figure out who runs the show and how it's run. Employers want to see that you have some familiarity with the industry. They want to know that you understand things. Also, and this is really important, really pay attention to who you're applying to and when you're applying. I'm really careful about answering resumes, but when I get a resume during an event it goes straight into the trash. It's like sending a resume to an NFL team when they're at the SuperBowl. Not a good idea. I get probably four resumes a day, and I answer them all if we're at this time of year, so try and send resumes during the off-season. Also, you could always call people up and ask to talk to them about the industry. Meet with them. Even if they don't have anything available then, they will in the future, and they might keep you in mind, and contacts are a great way to get in the door.

What have you learned from your experience?

I would say confidence, not over-confidence, is important. Organizational skills, attention to detail. You know, you can't make a spelling mistake on a big banner that will go over the finish line or something. I consider myself pretty attentive to details, but there's this one woman here who jsut blows my mind with the stuff she catches. But it's stuff you should catch because if you don't it will come back to you and look really bad for you and the company.

What most excites you about your job right now?

There are moments when I'm sitting at an event that we planned. I see all the people around me, so excited, having fun. I see the boats out on the water or the cars racing, and I think "Oh, this is so cool." To have orchestrated something like that is no small matter, and when it all comes together in that one place I think "Yeah, my job's pretty cool." I've also gotten to meet a fair amount of athletes.

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