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Will Griffith
Investment Banker

"The job is fast paced and an incredible learning experience."

As children, we're all asked the question "What do you want to be when you grow up?" How did you answer?

Investment Banker. My Dad was in this business. I followed his path.

How did you get your big breaks?

I set up interviews with recruiters who came to campus. Having access to a recruiter on campus was a big boost. I had two interwiews on campus, then a third one where I spent a day in New York at their office.

What was the best advice you received when you were first starting out in your career?

Read the paper etc. Most importantly, be prepared to discuss your resume- why did you do what you did- EVERY EXPERIENCE, EVERY SUMMER should point to why you are perfect for the job. Each activity should have developed the skills you need to perform the job in question.

What have you learned from your experience?

Investment Bankers are looking for people who are like them and will fit into the atmosphere. Often people who do sports etc- teamwork and competition-fit in well. Basically, nice, driven people are welcomed in this industry.

What most excites you about your job right now?

I have tons of responsibility. The job is fast paced and an incredible learning experience. I have incredible access to top CFO's and CEO's of major companies.

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