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Suzanne Nutter
Associate Biochemist

I feel useful and I love that aspect of my job.

What have been the most defining moments along your career path?

I'm a Associate Biochemist (a chemist with a B.S.). I originally started in protein purification. Now, I'm in Lead Optimization Biology learning high-throughput screening so I can transfer the techniques to the Lead Optimization Biology dept. in Indiana.

How did you get your big breaks?

I had a phone interview that went well, so they set up an on-site interview. I went to Eli Lilly and started with the HR rep. who explained about Lilly and about available opportunities. After that, I met with a couple of senior scientists. Then, I met with all senior people at a lab where the position was open. Finally, I met with the lab director. It filled up the whole day, but it was worth it because I got my foot in the door.

What was the best advice you received when you were first starting out in your career?

Pay attention to what a company does, actions speak louder than words. I would say, at least to me, that when I considered that advice and applied it to Lilly, they just seemed to have a very strong commitment level. I was pretty impressed by that. For example: they have a long history with diabetes care. They haven't just developed a drug and moved on. They are really committed to that patient population. I was very impressed when I visited there by that level of commitment.

What have you learned from your experience?

Training matters if you want to get ahead and be successful. There is mandatory training to get people to start out at the same level. I've learned that it's valuable to give people the tools they need to do their work. Also, I've found it uesful to sit down with a supervisor and design an individual training program. That way you have all the information and tools you need to perform your job really well.

What most excites you about your job right now?

I enjoy having a challenging work environment that allows me to contribute to and improve the quality of life of our customers. To be in an environment where those contributions are recognized makes a difference to me personally. I feel useful and I love that aspect of my job.

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