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Katie O'Connell from the University of Notre Dame spent not one, but TWO days outside of Chicago, IL with Verizon Wireless team members learning the ropes of the retail business.

In this two-part series, watch Katie as she discovers what makes Verizon Wireless so successful, and how you can achieve success in your own Verizon Wireless retail career.

Day 1
Today's shoot and job shadow took place in the Verizon Wireless Evolution store in Addison, Illinois, about 20 minutes away from Schaumburg, Illinois. The design of the store was really cool. The environment was very bright and welcoming. When we entered, Verizon Wireless District Manager, John was there to greet us. John showed us around the store and introduced me to Kristen. I've never been involved in a shoot like this before and it was a really neat experience.

Next, it was time to do what I really came for: the job shadow! Although being on camera was fun, I was interested in learning about the program from Kristen. Kristen's hard work and attention to detail has helped her become so successful in the program. She and Byron provided some helpful insight into the program. Also, they let me come onto the sales floor with them and experience working with a customer. They were great mentors!

After some reflection, I feel like Verizon Wireless is definitely a place where I can see myself working. This program really opened my eyes to a new career opportunity.

Day 2
Today I participated in a "Reverse Interview" with Marni Walden, Midwest Area President of Verizon Wireless. Very rarely is a college student able to interview the Area President of a major corporation. This is such a unique opportunity and I'm so fortunate to have been a part of it.

Marni was a very cool person. She is an incredibly intelligent woman, who is very kind and genuine. As I listened to her speak, Marni illustrated the importance of hard work and perseverance through adversity. She offered some great advice that I will keep with me forever.

Overall, this has been an incredible experience. Careers in retail at Verizon Wireless are something I will now consider, especially for a young person like me. Verizon Wireless provides great sales experience, an open environment to learn in, and unprecedented customer interaction.

Katie made such on impact on the team at Verizon Wireless that shortly after her visit she was invited to interview for the RLDP and was hired!
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