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If you're thinking about careers in Technology, there's a lot to think about. Technology has countless specialties, ranging from aerospace, to software to manufacturing. Within all of these, there are opportunities for managers and designers, computer specialists and marketing people.

There's a lot to think about, and we've chosen some articles that might help you make some choices of your own.


Technology- Blasting the Myths, Learning the Truths

The technology industry receives a huge amount of press, and the general public's level of understanding of field varies greatly. As a result, many people exploring careers in technology may have questions about the industry. Here are some common misconceptions and the corresponding truths.

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Finance or Tech: Where Should You Take Your Skills?

With top financial and technology firms hungry for computer science and IT talent, you may face some intriguing decisions about your future.

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Is Computer Consulting For You?

Curious about what it takes to be a computer consultant? Find out the necessary skills and the opportunities this job can bring you.

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Technology Careers Demand Flexibility, Innovation

In the highly dynamic and constantly changing technology industry, job seekers must be always flexible and willing to adapt to new trends. Though technical skills and a level of efficiency are nearly always required, communication skills and creativity are valuable assets as well.

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Resume and Cover Letter Tips

Both your resume and cover letter have to be persuasive, articulate, and compelling enough to make a recruiter want to invite you in for an interview.

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How to Keep Up in the Digital World

The media world is always changing, especially in the digital realm, and it can be hard to keep up. Fortunately, there are some websites and online tools that make it a lot easier.

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Alternative Career Routes Show Need for Technical Skills

If programming computers for an IT firm isn't right for you, there are many other ways to put your computer-science or engineering background to good use. Technical skills are at a premium in today's economy, and smaller, less common applications exist for a technical skill set.

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Learn the Words that Make Technology Tick

Learn the lingo used in the technology industry.

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Hard Work, Big Rewards: It's the Technology Way

The technology industry was hit hard with the dotcom disaster and ensuing chaos in 2000. However, the field as a whole has seen strong growth recently, which speaks to the fast-paced nature of tech firms and the expectations set for its employees.

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The Power of Possibilities: Your Own Business

What separates the average business owner from the super successful isn't her timing or her resources. It's her ability to think bigger than others, and take action on the things that will create the biggest successes.

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