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Prepare to be Seduced

San Francisco is unequivocally the most diverse, charming, thriving metropolis in America.

The Bay Area runs the gamut of lucrative industries - from biotech to high-tech, venture capital to consumer business, legal markets to design firms.

Whatever your professional ambitions, something here is calling your name.

San Francisco sustains a perennial temperate climate. The surrounding water, multiple hills, and Victorian buildings create a unique landscape, which serves as both a natural and architectural wonder. An epicenter for all things outdoorsy, the city sits within a few hours of mountains, beaches, trails, wine country, and national parks.

If you don't appreciate the outdoors, don't fret - San Francisco is also a Mecca for foodies and fashionistas. Come hungry and indulge your palette with ethnic cuisine, fresh seafood, innovative fusion, and organic delights. Whether you prefer the boutiques of Union Street or the flagship stores in Union Square, prepare yourself for the ultimate shopping experience.

Despite all it has to offer, no city is perfect. Here's what not to expect: closed-mindedness, inexpensive cost of living, protection from earthquakes, pretentiousness, late-night venues, copious parking, and four seasons.

Nonetheless, San Francisco has something to offer everyone - whether you're a hipster, a hippie, a yuppie...or something in between.


Craigslist is the best place to find an apartment. It's always cheaper to move into a room of an apartment with an existing lease rather than move into a vacant apartment with a new lease (due to the city's rent control law).

Russian Hill


The Marina

North Beach

Lower Pac Heights

Do YOU live in San Francisco? Tell us about it.


If you work in the city, ride the bus or walk to work. A car proves to be useful for making trips to the grocery store, wine country, and Tahoe, but unless you suffer a daily commute, you're better off without it.

If you work outside the city, bring a car...but if you must, it is possible to rely on public transportation. BART runs to the East Bay; Caltrain travels to the Peninsula/South Bay. Within the city the only Caltrain station is located in SoMa while multiple BART stations are found along Market Street and in the Mission.

Every car owner in SF has a love/hate relationship with possessing a set of wheels. It's expensive, and parking is a major stress. Regardless of your car-ownership status, invest in comfortable shoes and prepare to rewrite your definition of "walkable." While numerous bus lines traverse the city, sometimes it's faster to just walk.

$120/month $50/month
(work in SF)

(work outside SF)
$200/month 10 minutes to find a spot
each night in select neighborhoods
(e.g., Lower Pac Heights, Marina)

Local Lingo

San Francisco is an interesting place to live because of its rich history and cultural appreciation. NorCal, or Northern California, is full of regional pride. Newcomers take note: don't ever call the fair city Frisco - as many locals loathe this expression and may even consider it mildly offensive. Unless you want to sound like a tourist, also avoid San Fran and SF.

There are also some location and transit terms unique to the area. San Francisco has gained worldwide notoriety for its technology industry, so folks talking about The Valley mean Silicon Valley, south of the city. If you're looking for an evening hotspot, try SoMa, slang for the area south of Market Street. The MUNI (San Francisco Municipal Railway) is the public transportation system.

Similar to the use of wicked in Boston, NorCal residents are known to use the term hella as a modifier. For example, something that is "hella cool" is very cool to the rest of us.

Internet and Technology

Wells Fargo
Bank of America

The official city website
Events, news, and city guide

Young Active Professionals
Indian YPs in San Francisco

What do you love about working in this city?
I love that the Bay Area is the center of innovation in America: New York is business; DC is government; but the Bay is innovation...people are more excited about what their companies are doing here than anywhere else.
Chris, 24
UC Hastings, Law Student

Angela Kwan Angela Kwan is a born-and-raised Texan. Angela studied business at the University of Texas before moving to San Francisco in 2005. She currently works as a tax consultant and has become supremely spoiled by living in Russian Hill.
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