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The Fifth Largest City in the Country

For anyone in their 20s when it comes to Phoenix, the question is why wouldn't you want to live here?

The Valley (Phoenix's metropolitan area and its suburbs) is a virtual hub of great dining, fabulous shopping and a nightlife that's catching national attention from wild hotspots like L.A. and Las Vegas. Where else could you live in a place that also has endless job opportunities, a thriving college scene and a lifestyle serene enough to relax and call home?

As the fifth-largest city in the country in one of the fastest growing, there's plenty of growth opportunity for job-seekers. Plus, the seemingly endless amount of resorts, spas and golf courses make the Valley an easy place to indulge in a laid-back lifestyle if you choose.

College students and young professionals drive the nightlife here and the arts and cultural scene is growing wildly.






Do YOU live in Phoenix? Tell us about it.


You cannot live in Arizona without a car. End of story. The state is completely spread out with each city worth visiting 20-30 minutes apart from each other and there is no mass transit system that's easy to take. While there is a public bus system, since all cities are so far apart it would be very time consuming to take. Tempe is currently in the works of constructing its light rail system that would only work for those commuting between Tempe and Downtown Phoenix.

ASU students living on campus may bike to get to local shops and entertainment, however summer temperatures top 115 degrees, so this may not always be the best way to get around either.

Local Lingo

Phoenix is short on slang, but its vocabulary can only get bigger as this promising city continues to grow. Here are a couple terms to get you started.

The Valley refers to anywhere in the Phoenix metro area (pretty much where everyone lives). Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Phoenix are all part of The Valley. Anything outside The Valley would be Flagstaff and Tucson (each a few hours away and considered by Valley residents to be too small-town).

Old Town means Old Town Scottsdale. It's the downtown area of Scottsdale, where all the bars, restaurants, shopping, arts, and nightlife are. Pretty much the place to be.

Consumer Products
Coldstone Creamery

B2B Services
Insight Industries

The official city website


Young Professionals Network of Phoenix

Why do you love about working here?
There's more opportunity, there's better pay and there's a lot more engineering firms to choose from too. There's lots of work available.
Elizabeth, 25
N. Arizona University, Engineer in training

Marlene Montanez Marlene Montanez is the associate fashion editor for Arizona Foothills Magazine. Growing up in Arizona, she's seen the Valley turn into thriving cities; from farm land and dirt-paved roads to the luxury paradise that's truly resort living at its finest. She's written about everywhere to go in Arizona for the traveler or resident who needs to know the best places.
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