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Welcome to the Birthplace of a Nation

Philadelphia is more than the city of cheesesteaks, the Liberty Bell and a make-believe boxer named Rocky. It's a hopping, urban city with many distinctly diverse (and affordable!) neighborhoods.

Located across the Delaware River from New Jersey, Philadelphia thrives from its central location. Just 2 hours from NYC, 2 hours from Baltimore and 2.5 hours from DC, it has the bustling energy of a large city without the pretension and congestion.

While Philly has an exciting and emerging arts scene, it is less expensive than NYC and cities of comparable size.

Philadelphia's music and restaurant scenes are of the highest caliber, and with professional sports teams such as the Eagles, Phillies and 76ers, it's easy to become Philly proud. As America's birthplace, Philadelphia hosts a week-long 4th of July celebration. The elaborately costumed Mummers Parade takes place every year on New Year's Day, and many other free concerts and events are held throughout the
year. Philadelphia has the advantages of urban city culture and nightlife with
the ability to escape.

It's an hour to the New Jersey shore, and the luscious Fairmount Park is one of the largest urban parks in the country, expanding over 9,000 acres. The city is experiencing a much-needed revitalization, and while its growth is exciting to see, the city remains rich in history and charm.


Hint: Try to find a place with heat included - the winters get cold and heating bills can add hundreds of dollars to your monthly cost of living.

West Philly/University City

Northern Liberties/Fishtown

South Philly


Center City

Do YOU live in Philadelphia? Tell us about it.


SEPTA's motto says it all: "We're getting there." It sounds more like an apology than an affirmation. Different from other East Coast cities such as Boston and NYC, the average middle class person is not your average SEPTA rider. When riding the trolley to Center City from West Philly, you're likely to see your share of Penn students, but most riders are working class residents.

Whether you need a car is largely dependent on where you live in comparison to where you work. Center City is very walkable, and bicycling, while potentially dangerous in Center City, is a definite possibility when one wears a helmet and follows the rules of the road. It is absolutely feasible to live in Philadelphia without a car, and membership programs such as PhillyCarShare make it even easier.

Local Lingo

The University of Pennsylvania has an entire department dedicated to studying the linguistic innovation of Philadelphia - the fastest changing dialect in the United States. Non-natives have been known to say Philly-speak is more of a garble, even if they're rooting for the Iggles too (Eagles, to the unrefined Philadelphian). However, once you're hip to the jive, there are some slang terms to ease your transition.

Don't walk in the street while you eat your beggel (bagel); walk on the pavement when in Philly - otherwise known as the sidewalk to the rest of America (except New Orleans).

Want to take a trip to the wooder (water)? Go downtheshore - that's where you'll find Philadelphians basking by the surf and sand along the New Jersey coastline on a hot summer day.

Speaking of wooder and hot summer days, how about a wooder ice? That would be a snowcone or an Italian ice to the rest of youse.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield
ACE Casualty Risk
Colonial Penn


Merck & Co
Siemens Medical

University of Pennsylvania

The official city website
Touristy and local information about the area
Philly Young Professionals
Young Professionals Network

Why do you love about working here?
I like Manayunk because it's pretty young - a lot of people college aged to mid-twenties. It's a five minute walk for me to get to everything on Main Street, and there's an active night life there.
Brandy, 22
Lehigh, Counselor at a Residential Treatment center

Beth Nicewonger After receiving an MFA in creative writing from Emerson College, Beth Nicewonger moved to the City of Brotherly Love for its emerging arts scene, proximity to NYC and low cost of living. She currently lives and works in Philadelphia and recently experienced her first Water Ice.
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