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The fourth largest city in the US

Houston has all of the modern, big-city amenities of its larger counterparts mixed with a slow, Southern routine.

While the city is internationally known as home to the NASA Space Center and strong medical and energy industries, Houston also offers a vibrant cultural community; with distinctive neighborhoods, a team for every major professional sport, a variety of performing and visual arts groups in the Theater and Museum districts, and a rotating list of annual parades and events, the cultural opportunities are as diverse as the population.

If your personality is a little more green than the average cosmopolite, you'll find plenty of outdoor activities in Memorial and Hermann parks - and the Gulf Coast beaches and Texas Hill Country are just a short drive away.

Houston is primarily a business city and doesn't cater specifically to young people the way a college town might. Rather, young professionals are readily absorbed into the existing job market, making this a good place to find a lot of entry-level opportunities and "real world" experience in any sector. Not to mention that you can get a little more out of your paycheck - Houstonians enjoy one of the lowest costs of living among major U.S. cities.





Museum District/Rice Village

A note about roommates:
It is generally true that living with a roommate is more affordable than living by yourself. However, Houston is not a city dominated by young people - the young professionals and students are spread out across the city, although the highest concentrations are found in the neighborhoods listed above. If you need to find a roommate, try looking on, the bulletin boards at local cafes, or the good old fashioned way: word of mouth.

Do YOU live in Houston? Tell us about it.


With few alternative transportation options available, a car is a basic necessity for battling Houston's massive urban sprawl. Expect heavy traffic during rush hour and perpetual construction on city roads and freeways. Houston's public bus system, METRO, services most parts of the city, but with limited hours and reliability issues, METRO is not very popular. METRORail, the single-line lightrail, connects Downtown, the Museum District, Medical Center and Reliant Stadium - again, not useful unless you live or work in close proximity to the line. Transportation will end up costing a significant amount of money, but there is a brighter side: gas in Houston tends to be lower than the national average, and you're going to need a lot of it.

Local Lingo

Howdy! If you're thinking about moving on down to Houston, you might want to read up on the Texas accent. Despite similarities to southern accents, the Texas accent is different, and there are plenty of "cowboy colloquialisms" to prepare yourself for. You'd hate to be as welcome as a skunk at a party, wouldn't ya?

If it's raining hard, a local might refer to this big storm as a "toad choker," also known as a "toad strangler."

As in many parts of the southern United States, supper is actually what many folks refer to as dinner. Dinner is lunch - although most people now call it lunch, don't get confused if your daily meals are breakfast, dinner, and supper!

Megan Bedford A native Houstonian, Michelle Friedrichs is a recent graduate from the University of St. Thomas with degrees in English and Philosophy.

Marathon Oil
Reliant Energy


The official city website
Touristy and local information about the area


The Houston Downtown Alliance's Emerging Leaders Group

What do you love about working in this city?
Houston is a great place to work because it isn't dominated by one industry. You have the opportunity to meet a variety of people and work in a variety of different fields.
Kathryn, 24
U. of St. Thomas, Assistant to Managing Attorney

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