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A Big City with Southern Charm

Atlanta's a dynamic city full of opportunities. With numerous possibilities for work and leisure, Atlanta is ideal for young workers ready to make a mark on the world at a slower, more enjoyable pace.

Atlanta is a unique exception to other big cities. Despite being one of the major metropolitan areas in the country, it still retains a good ol' Southern charm. But unlike popular misconceptions of the South, Atlanta has emerged as one of America's most diverse cultural and industrial centers.

Many Fortune 500 companies are either headquartered in Atlanta (Coca-Cola and Home Depot to name a couple) or have branches in the area. So while many college grads flock to New York, Chicago or L.A. in search of work only to be confronted with extremely stiff job competition and exorbitant rent, Atlanta is a sweet alternative that presents just as many, if not more, job opportunities. Plus none of those other cities offer the added incentive of Southern charm and hospitality.

With over thirty colleges and universities located within Atlanta, a sizeable community exists of recent grads looking to break ground in the working world. And when they're not busy on the job, there are plenty of things to do no matter what you're into. Each neighborhood displays its own vibe and personality, so it doesn't take long to become acclimated and call Atlanta home.




Atlantic Station

East Atlanta/Little 5 Points


Do YOU live in Atlanta? Tell us about it.


Atlanta is a sprawling city. During weekday rush hour, a usual fifteen-minute drive across the city can take up to an hour. Although there is a rather large and expansive public transportation system known as MARTA, its convenience depends heavily on what part of town you work in. The buses go everywhere, but the rail system is only useful in certain situations. If you plan on living in Atlanta, plan on owning a car.

Local Lingo

Fixin' to move to Atlannah? The unofficial capital of the south, the famous drawl awaits you. Although the natives speak slow and are pretty easy to understand, y'all may be thrown for a loop by some of the outlandish expressions you come across. Don't worry; you can pick up some local terms faster than all get out (a phrase that means 'the utmost').

Keep in mind, y'all can be singular or plural. If you want to be sure folks know you're talking to everyone, be sure to specify all y'all as opposed to just y'all. You'd hate for anyone to feel left out.

If you're headed out to see the Braves play, you'll be going to Turner Field, otherwise known as The Ted. While you're there, have some goobers - peanuts to the rest of us.

Don't be surprised if you ask for a Coke and natives say, "What kind?" In Georgia and much of the south, where Coca-cola originated, all sodas are referred to casually as Coke. If you want cola, say "just a Coke." For anything else, ask for it by name.

Tom DeFreytas Tom DeFreytas graduated from Emory University in 2006 with a major in Creative Writing and a minor in Political Science. He currently resides in Atlanta working as a freelance writer.

Comm. And Telecomm
Turner Broadcasting
Cox Communications

Consumer Products
Coca-Cola Co.
Delta Airlines
Nintendo of America
Home Depot

The official city website
A pretty good guide to Atlanta, including a moving guide
YPs in Buckhead
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What do you love about working here?
It's affordable for young adults in comparison to other major cities.
Eileen, 23
Emory Goizueta School of Business, Credit Analyst

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