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You probably like your job, maybe even love it, but complete career satisfaction comes right down to one thing -- money. If your salary is great, so's your attitude. But you may need some tips to learn how to deal with all the complicated issues that surround salaries, so we've selected some articles to help you out.


Should You Divulge Your Salary History?

Looking for a job is all about being on the ball. But when it comes to talking about your future paycheck, it pays to procrastinate. Here are our tips on how to negotiate this thorny piece of the job search.

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Exempt vs. Nonexempt

So, just exactly who is eligible for overtime and minimum wage, and who is not? The answer turns out to be relatively complicated. It depends on job title and duties, which determine whether someone is exempt or nonexempt. To make matters more confusing, the definitions of exempt and nonexempt employees are roughly equivalent to, but not the same thing as, salaried and hourly employees.

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Salaries Up, But Gender Gap Widens

The Institute of Management Accountants' 2007 salary survey uncovered both good news and bad news for accountants. The good news: Average salary for IMA members now tops $100,000, having risen 6.9 percent last year. The bad news: The gap increased between men's and women's pay.

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Use Your Resume To Help Negotiate a Higher Salary

Most job seekers believe that salary negotiation starts once they have an offer in hand, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

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The Salary Wizard says I'm underpaid - what can I do?

If you do your salary research after your negotiation is over, you'll have to wait until the next negotiation opportunity to ask for the amount your research says is fair.

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Is "Entry Level" Code for "Salary Slavery"?

So you're entering the job force, and looking for an entry-level job to start your career off right. But that "entry level" thing scares you. You're worried: do those two words translate to "salary slave"?

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Five Tactics to Getting the Salary You Want

When a company starts to consider you seriously, you should begin to think about the negotiation. What do you want? What are you prepared to accept? How badly do you want the job?

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Should I be rewarded for the revenue I bring in?

If your job responsibilities involve bringing in revenue but you're paid a flat salary, it may be time to ask your employer to recast your job as a sales position eligible for commissions or other forms of variable incentives.

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Does Your Major Limit Your Earning Power?

Think back to when you started college and faced the predicament of what to study. Chances are you chose a major based on one of these things: you loved the subject, it's what your parents wanted, or you thought it would help you get a job (a.k.a. you thought you would make a lot of money). Fast-forward to now: Is your salary something to brag about or is the major you chose hindering your earning capacity?

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When should my review take place?

Annual performance reviews, and the salary increases that often accompany them, typically take place either on the anniversary of the date you were hired or on some specific date that affects all employees within a specific group.

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