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Editor's Picks

What could be more important than simply finding a good steady job, helping to pay off those college loans? For some, the opportunity to make a difference is far more important that a few extra dollars in their pockets. It can be a local nonprofit, or a homegrown social enterprise, but it's a dramatic departure from the typical corporate world. We've selected some articles to help you learn more about working in the nonprofit universe.


Does Nonprofit Equal No Profit?

What if we told you that it is possible to make a good living while doing meaningful and rewarding work at the same time? Sound promising?

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10 Great Nonprofit Jobs

Do you think your contributions in the workplace are overlooked? Are you consistently swamped with work at the office, but still feel empty when the week ends? At the end of the day, are you ashamed of what you've accomplished and how you reached the result?

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Successful Social Entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneurship is an emerging trend, but there are already some very successful organizations in this field.

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Meeting the Nonprofit: Ten Interviewing Tips

The job interview can be a stressful experience if you're not prepared. Interviewing in the nonprofit sector is no exception - especially as every organization has its own unique mission, culture, and expectations.

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A Wave of the Future? For-Profit Non-Profits

Does the phrase "for-profit nonprofit" sound like an oxymoron? As the founders of the world's most visited site - Google - Larry Page and Sergey Brin don't think so.

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Glossary of Nonprofit Terms

Like any other industry, the nonprofit sector boasts a rich industry jargon - words and phrases that nonprofit professionals use specifically in their work. He's an introductory glossary of some of the commonly used nonprofit terms.

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Perceptions and Misconceptions about the Nonprofit Sector

Any profession has stereotypes attached to it, and the nonprofit profession is no exception. But do the stereotypes hold true?

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Venture Philanthropy

This new field represents a radical merger between the nonprofit and for-profit worlds, one that is creating opportunities for young professionals to "do good" while developing first-rate business skills.

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Thinking About Business School and Nonprofit Careers

What place does a Master of Business Administration have in the nonprofit sector? You may be surprised to know that the skills you learn when pursuing your MBA can be important in many nonprofit jobs. What's more, an increasing number of nonprofits are recognizing the valuable skills and competencies that MBAs bring to an organization. In the following article, we will profile two organizations who leverage MBA grads and then conclude with some advice about how to make the connection work.

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Trends to Watch: Non-Profit and Business Partnerships

After seeing anti-globalization protests on TV one would probably think that the business and nonprofit worlds are in a zero-sum game, right?

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