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These webcasts are exclusively offered to the Microsoft S2B community.

Most webcasts consist of 30 minutes of technical training, followed by 30 minutes of soft skills training.
Microsoft S2B Webcast Series Topics
What You Should Know About Visual Studio 2010
Interested in learning all that Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 will offer?

Beginning Your Own Business
Learn the basics of constructing your business from the ground up.
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Internet Explorer 8 and Bing
Learn about the development of Internet Explorer 8 and Microsoft's new search engine,

Job Interviewing Tips
Pick up some cool job interviewing tips to help you land a job.
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Women in Technology
A lively panel discussion on the advances women are making in today's technology industry.

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Introduction to C# Programming
Captivated by C# programming? Learn more about basic programming with C#.

How to Find an Internship
Pick up some great tips on finding the perfect internship.
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Technology Trends: Career Opportunities in Technology
A panel discussion on the wide variety of career opportunities in technology. Listen to technology industry professionals talk about different careers and the skills necessary to enter each field.
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Analytics and Accessing Free Software Through Dreamspark and MSDN AA
Intrigued by the field of analytics? Want to find out how you can get FREE software through Dreamspark and MSDN Academic Alliance? Tune into this webcast and find out about these great Microsoft offerings.
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Microsoft Azure - Intro to Cloud Computing
Fascinated by cloud computing? Want to find out how things are hosted in the cloud? Learn the basics of Microsoft Azure and how it is used to host, store, and manage applications in the cloud.

Microsoft Certifications 101
Certification helps IT professionals get jobs and keep them. We'll cover the process, choosing a path, preparing and taking your first exam, and what to expect after that.
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Internet Portals/Microsoft SharePoint
Want a skill which can land you a job even in this economy? Fascinated by the development of web portals such as Yahoo!, AOL, and MSN? Learn more about Microsoft SharePoint and its uses on the web and in the classroom.

Communication Skills
Have you ever misinterpreted a text, e-mail, or IM? Learn how to avoid common mistakes and make sure that your audience understands your tone and message through effective communication.
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Windows Live - Internet Offerings of Microsoft
Forget to e-mail your professor your assignment again? Learn about free hosting on Microsoft Live as well as other cool offerings of the site.

How to Network with People to Land a Great Job
According to the U.S. Department of Labor ~50% of jobs are filled through personal referrals. Learn how to connect with the right people to get your name out there.
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Hosting a Website
Want a dot com presence but don't know where to start? Learn the basics on designing, building, and hosting a website as well as some cool tips on how to build hits to your site.

Entering the IT Industry
Don't know where to start in the IT job market? Learn the basics on how to break into the IT Industry and get a job.
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Intro to Windows 7
Explore productivity and UI enhancements, easier home network file sharing with HomeGroup, new and improved security features, and 10 Great "Under the Radar" Features in Windows 7 RC.

Improving Presentation Skills
Gain useful tips to improve your presentation skills for the classroom and your career.
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Students & Social Networks
Address current social network usage and integration benefits for education. Also, learn how to cultivate a student community and provide an overview of future trends in social networks.

Professionalizing Your Online Presence
Have you searched for yourself? Hiring managers are. Uncover the best ways to professionalize your profile online.
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Microsoft Application Virtualization (AppV)
Ever lose your laptop and dread re-installing all your apps? Tired of install issues? Discover how you can stream applications on-demand, "install" hundreds of applications in mere seconds, and deploy them to multiple machines in a snap.

Interview Tips
Learn the dos and don'ts of interviewing from hiring managers recruiting in S2B.
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Microsoft XNA Overview
Microsoft XNA is a set of tools that allow students and hobbyists to build games for Microsoft gaming platforms. Get an overview of the XNA Framework and XNA Game Studio, and then learn how to build a game.

Making the Most of a Mentor
Learn how to find the best mentor for your career plans and how to get the most out of the relationship.
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Silverlight & Expression Blend
Explore Silverlight and learn how to securely and efficiently communicate with its services using Binary XML, debug services with improved Faults support, and implement server-to-client "push" using the new functionality.

Resume Writing to Highlight A Summer Internship
Emphasize your learnings and accomplishments to attract hiring managers.
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