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Editor's Picks

Government is more than the excitement of a hotly-contested political race or the behind-the-scenes activities that go on each day. In between are a range of career opportunities at all levels of interest. We've chosen these stories to give you the insights you'll need if you're inspired to pursue a career in government.


Ten Reasons to Consider a Federal Career

Not sure if a federal career is right for you? Take a look at these facts about federal jobs and see if you have some second thoughts!

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The Hill vs. the Statehouse

The U.S. government operates on many levels, including the federal, state, and local divisions. While many jobs seem centered on glamorous Capitol Hill, the majority, in fact, are at state and local bureaucracies.

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Government offers a variety of intern programs

Internships provide an individual with a monitored or supervised work or service experience where the individual has intentional learning goals and reflects actively on what he or she is learning throughout the experience.

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Must-Have Resources for Aspiring Gov't Employees

Fill your bookshelf with these resources, and be the top candidate at your next interview.

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The Benefits of Working for the Government

There are tons of benefits of working for the US Government. Check them out.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the CIA

Ever wonder whether James Bond is based on real-life secret agents?

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Federal Jobs by College Major

To help you choose the right career field, we have prepared the following table that groups Federal jobs that are often filled by college graduates with appropriate academic majors.

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So You Wanna Be a Spy? How About a Lobbyist?

If you're interested in a career in Government, here are some common career paths you could pursue.

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What to Do After Your Term is Up

Most politicians don't retire immediately upon leaving office. Here are the paths they sometimes take.

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Promoting Women's Rights on Wall Street

Elizabeth Grossman - Acting Regional Attorney U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

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