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Perhaps no industry is more widespread and more critical than the financial industry, handling all types of investments and keeping Corporate America up and running. The financial industry is demanding and exciting, all at the same time, with new ideas, new directions and lots of hard work required to be successful.

We've selected a broad range of articles to give you an overview of the many directions you can take within the financial world, then take a look at the opportunities available to you.


New Salary Guide Identifies Bright Spots Amid Tough Economy

Even in an increasingly uncertain economy, accounting and finance are core business functions vital to a company's ability to navigate difficult periods. As a result, demand remains steady for top accounting and finance expertise in key areas, according to the 2009 Salary Guide from Robert Half International.

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Mergers And Acquisitions, What Are They?

Mergers and acquisitions happen just about every business day of the year.

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Fabulous at Finances? Maybe non-profits are right for you

Financial training can mean more than just working for a bank or insurance company. Here we outline non-profit, in-house, and asset management opportunities for experienced financiers.

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The Fast-Paced World Of Investment Banking

Investment bankers play many roles in the business world, but the bottom line for clients is they make them money.

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Financial Services: It's where all the money is

The diverse financial services industry offers a vast array of opportunities and benefits for graduates, despite some of the recent economic shifts.

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Tips for Financial Planning

If you want to retire by 30, you'll need to practice some financial planning.

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Finance Culture: Hard Work Has its Rewards

Financiers would shudder to be lumped together as a "culture," but they do seem to have one thing in common: an intense work ethic.

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Finance Trends That May Affect You

Now is a good time to launch a career in finance. Firms have more openings and are paying more than in recent years, as they seek to reach a global, diverse market.

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Numbers Aren't The Only Thing You Need To Know

Here's a list of industry-specific terms to help you make it in the world of finance.

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Your Finance Toolkit

Looking to keep up with the finance industry? Trade periodicals seem to be the way to go.

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Inside Story: Working At A Global Investment Bank

Working for a global investment bank is not easy, even in the best of times. Finance people say it is one of the toughest places to get a job, but well worth it if you can get yourself in the door.

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