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Young Entrepreneurs Reveal the Stories behind their Start-Ups

We interviewed young entrepreneurs across the industries to find out how they got started from brainstorming to business planning, and everything in between. Each of them founded a business in their 20s-30s (or younger) and navigated funding, partnerships, legal issues, questions from their parents, and all of the challenges and triumphs that come with starting out on your own. Find out how they did it!


Ben Fischman,
Alyssa Rapp
Alyssa Rapp, Bottlenotes
John Earle
John Earle, Johnny Cupcakes
Tammy Trenta
Tammy Trenta, Theresa Kathryn


Tim Urban
Tim Urban, Cartim Group


Thor Gestsson
Thor Gestsson, AidMarket
Gretchen Steidle Wallace
Gretchen Steidle Wallace, Global Grassroots
Amber Barron
Amber Barron, Freedom's Promise


Audissey Guides
Rob Pyles & Juliet De Vries, Audissey Guides
Scott Griffith, ZipCar


Shane Hubbell
Shane Hubbell, Second Breath

Moving Services

College Boxes
Josh Kowitt & Scott Neuberger, College Boxes

Finance & Accounting

Ashwin Bharambe
Ashwin Bharambe, Buxfer


Dave Balter
Dave Balter, bzzagent

Food & Beverage

Frederick Schilling
Frederick Schilling, Dagoba Chocolate
Stacy Stubblefield
Stacy Stubblefield, Sweet Treats Puppy Pantry
Brandon Hall
Brandon Hall, Chunkomunko

Robin Liss,


Sarah Polley
Sarah Polley
Marisa DiMattia
Marisa DiMattia,

Design & Home Improvement

Kyle Freeman
Kyle Freeman, Cloud 9
Eden Jarrin & Heidi Baker
Eden Jarrin & Heidi Baker, Be Jane
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