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Talk about in demand — virtually every year for the past several years, engineering graduates have been among the most sought-after new hires by employers across the country! This kind of demand comes with a price, however. You'll need to know a lot about a number of very complex issues. We've selected some articles, below, to help get you on your way to cashing in on these opportunities.


Success in Engineering Demands That You Never Stop Learning

Technology is a competitive field. Keep yourself informed, learn to work in teams, be flexible, and understand the expectations of your employers and customers.

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'Invisible Profession' Getting More Recognition

It's a high-tech world. Engineers bring that world to life.

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What's Really Behind Those Engineering Myths?

You may be nervous about a few things now that you are entering a world as complex as engineering. But some engineers' greatest fears are no longer anything to worry about.

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Top Engineering Career Tracks You'll Want to Take

If you're considering engineering, there are dozens of areas to specialize in, and you can pursue many branches within each one.

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Say the Right Buzzwords and Sound Like an Engineer

It's hard to imagine a profession that uses more buzzwords, acronyms and jargon than engineering. Here are a few terms to help you sound like an insider.

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Non-Profits Offer Profitable Engineering Jobs

The best job opportunities for engineers aren't always at for-profit tech companies. Non-profit institutions -- which often do work in similar fields as corporations -- offer a wide range or jobs and opportunities, especially for engineers who want to put their technology skills to work going good for the world.

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Working as a Woman in Engineering

While gender roles in technology still aren't equal, they are getting better every year, and there are more opportunities for women in engineering around the world than ever before.

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Three Trends You'll Want to Watch in Engineering

Global culture and economics have a tremendous impact on people working in the technology fields. Offshoring, open access, and green engineering are three trends to keep your eye on.

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Six Paths to Continuing Your Engineering Education (Part One)

Your education in engineering and technology doesn't end the day you get your diploma.

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Six Paths to Continuing Your Engineering Education (Part Two)

Conferences, professional education, and local seminars are all part of your continuing education as an engineer.

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