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Editor's Picks

Energy and Utilities used to be only about finding and producing energy efficiently. Now, it's become so much more, with all the Green industry initiatives going on, and widespread interest in a variety of technologies. Whether you're interested in the career prospects offered within a lab, researching fuels, doing geologic surveys or implementing solar power, there are many opportunities ahead.

To learn more about these career opportunities, you'll want to read some of these articles.


Energy Sources: Here's Where You'll Find the Infomation You'll Need

If you're a student or recent graduate looking to learn about careers in energy and utilities and careers in environmental protection, here are some resources you may find helpful.

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Alternative Energy: Future Power Sources May Look Very Different

Traditionally, fossil fuels have been the primary source of energy, but that's all starting to change. Here's what you'll need to know for the future.

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Rising Stars: Educating Young People About Energy

Bekki had her first job well before college. As a high school student she got involved with an energy education nonprofit. After college, she joined up full-time. Explaining her choice to stay with the same employer for so long, she says that rushing out to find something different is not always the best move.

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Green Business 101: Flipping the Switch to Renewable Energy Sources

Businesses that depend on raw materials are looking for ways to shift to eco-friendly production.

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Rising Stars: Searching for Oil - A Challenging Job in Energy & Utilities

As oil becomes more and more scarce, William says that drilling wells in the Gulf of Mexico is the toughest test of his knowledge so far. The excitement of this challenge, as well as being part of a supportive environment that helped him overcome the damage of Hurricane Katrina, are what's great about his career.

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Understanding Energy Efficiency Can Power Your Job Hunt

Learning how to make data centers greener might be the best way to put a little more green in your pocket this year.

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Rising Stars: Renewable Energy Puts the Wind in Her Sails

Soozie's words of advice reflect the values she holds most dearly: "live simply, compassionately and passionately, and cherish your relationships with others." Her inspiration for her work stems from her commitment to social and environmental justice, and her belief that change is possible.

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Supply & Demand Rule Job Growth in Energy Industry

Energy and utility companies maintain a strong need for new employees to fill the gaps. Here's where you might fit in.

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Wind Energy: UMM Leads the Way for American Universities

In March 2005, the University of Minnesota-Morris became the first public American university to install a large-scale wind turbine to help meet the school's electrical needs. Since it was installed, the generator has supplied some 60 percent of the university's power. The rest of the school's power needs are purchased from Otter Tail Power Company's Tailwinds Program.

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A Look At The Future of Green Power, And How You May Fit In

Have you been thinking more and more about making a difference in the world? Maybe a "green-collar" job is right for you. Here's the scoop on the latest trends and hottest developments in the energy and utilities industries.

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