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Do You Make Bets at Work?

Fantasy baseball? Sign me up. The Kentucky Derby? My money is on the long shot. NBA finals? I've got $10 on the Bulls. When will Abby have her baby? Huh?!?


Work Friends ? Guide to Relating to Others in the Workplace

Different corporate cultures offer varied opportunities to form friendships at work. So to ease the transition, we've created a guide to the new, "not-lowered-just-different" expectations of friendship in the post-college workplace.


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What do you do at lunch?

States mandate at least a half-hour break for lunch in an eight-hour workday. Take a look at our survey responses to find out what young professionals do on their lunch breaks (other than eat, of course!).

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Body Art in the Workplace

Nearly 40 years after "flower power," body art has seen a resurgence. Men and women flaunt pierced navels at the beach, sterling silver glinting in the sun. Tattoo parlors have popped up in suburban areas in response to the demands of the younger generations, while some Baby Boomers are reviving their flirtations with their inky past.

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Workspace Innovation

Creating teaming areas and public spaces that promote the cross-pollination of ideas is here to stay.

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Pimp My Cube

Think it's entertaining to watch MTV's "Pimp My Ride" turn a beater car into a showpiece? Imagine seeing a 10 x 10-foot cubicle transformed into a vehicle for productivity and advancement! Better yet, try it out for yourself. Here are nine easy and affordable ways to make over your cube and improve your image and outlook at work:

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More Great Excuses for Calling in Sick

It's 6 a.m. and you are about to throw the alarm clock out the window. It's too cold out, you're tired, you had one glass of wine too many last night, you've really got to clean your house, and, most importantly, you haven't had some real bonding time with your couch lately.

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Being Politically Correct at Work

Political correctness does not just mean watching what you say. In its best sense, being politically correct means learning about others and respecting the differences that make each of us unique. In the workplace, there are steps you can take to make sure you are not only following the "PC rules," but are also making your life richer.

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Surviving Office Politics At Your New Job

Whether you are just starting your first job or your 10th job, you will find that office politics is consistent in all companies.

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Ensuring the Runner-Up for Your Job Doesn't Hijack Your Authority

The good news: You accepted a terrific job offer. The potential bad news: You must supervise the internal runner-up for your spot.

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