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If the possibility of continuing your education has ever entered your mind, It's decision time, time to choose which grad schools to apply to and get those applications and references done before the deadlines.

Whether it's law school, business school or medical school, the time to act is now, and we've selected some articles to help make your choices.


Your Guide to Getting into Grad School

So, you want to go to graduate school...maybe you want to change careers, earn another credential, make more money, or all of the above. Whatever your motive, there is bound to be an institution to accommodate both your short-term and long-term goals. But first you need to sit down and formulate a plan.

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7 Steps to Guide Your Graduate School Search

So you're thinking of continuing your education? Where do you begin? Start here and learn 7 helpful tips to help you begin your journey towards an advanced degree.

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Should I Go to Grad School Now?

Is now the best time for you to go for that advanced degree? When to go is the most debated issue many face when factoring continued education into their career plan.

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Scholarships for Graduate Students

You might not even have been aware that there are special scholarships available for graduate students.

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Start Preparing Now for Med School

What does it take to get into medical school?" I am asked. My mind responds, "Man, it's been four years now...Geez I'm old". After asking my younger peers that just went through the process, I find the major components remain as they were.

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Thinking About Business School and Nonprofit Careers

What place does a Master of Business Administration have in the nonprofit sector? You may be surprised to know that the skills you learn when pursuing your MBA can be important in many nonprofit jobs. What's more, an increasing number of nonprofits are recognizing the valuable skills and competencies that MBAs bring to an organization. In the following article, we will profile two organizations who leverage MBA grads and then conclude with some advice about how to make the connection work.

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At B-School, Private Equity Is Getting a Class of Its Own

M.B.A. programs are offering more private-equity courses and strengthening connections with buyout firms to help students land jobs.

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Rising Stars: A Fascinating Path from Nonprofit to MBA

Peter was passionately involved in fighting HIV/AIDS in Kenya. Curiously, that experience has led him to pursue an MBA at the Harvard Business School, where he now finds himself constantly inspired by his classmates.

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