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What's the universal career? Pretty much everyone knows the answer to this one --- it's Accounting, which is one of those key positions that no company can do without. Key to customer service, key to profitability and key to keeping the auditors happy, the Accountants lead the way.

There are so many things to learn about the profession above and beyond the actual skill sets. We've chosen some key articles here to give you a jumpstart.


New Salary Guide Identifies Bright Spots Amid Tough Economy

Even in an increasingly uncertain economy, accounting and finance are core business functions vital to a company's ability to navigate difficult periods. As a result, demand remains steady for top accounting and finance expertise in key areas, according to the 2009 Salary Guide from Robert Half International.

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Jumpstarting Your Accounting Career

Accountants interact with many levels of business and most accounting jobs require a level of accounting education. What sort of education do you need to make it in this field?

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The New World Of Accounting

Recent trends in accounting, have lead to an industry make-over.

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The Places Accounting Can Take You

If internal accounting is not for you, you may want to use your accounting skills in a different area.

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The Secrets to Starting a New Accounting Job

Beginning a new accounting position is an exciting adventure, but the transition can be stressful. To make a positive impression on your manager and coworkers, and adapt to a new corporate culture, you'll want to start off right. Here's how.

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Why It Pays to Be a Math Geek

Surviving those advanced integral calculus lectures and organic chemistry labs meant downing gallons of coffee, but that math- or science-related major might just be worth it - in terms of job outlook and high starting pay, that is.

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Top 7 Strategies For Writing Accounting Procedures

When you're starting a business, defining accounting procedures is important. With well-defined processes and procedures in place, you will increase efficiency and get your business started right.

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Forensic Accounting - CSI of Accounting Jobs

Forensic accounting is one of the fastest growing areas of accounting jobs in the market today. Find out what this job is about and the skills you'll need to succeed in this challenging type of work.

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Talk Like An Accountant

Do accountants speak in their own jargon? You bet they do!

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Accounting And Entertainment?

A career in accounting can take you to some pretty interesting places.

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Rising Stars: Getting Ahead in International Accounting

Barney leveraged student accounting internships into a travel-heavy position right out of college. After a couple years on the road and in the office, he now thinks he will use his skills to move into banking.

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