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Editor's Picks

Study Abroad

Scared to Leave Your School Behind?

Though the number of college students spending a semester abroad is rapidly increasing, many students still approach the subject with trepidation.

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How to Study Abroad (and Why You Should!)

Studying in a foreign country offers so much more than "just" an education.

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Employers Value Candidates Who Study Abroad

Employers are beginning to recognize the value of the study abroad experience and look favorably upon candidates who take the opportunity to broaden their horizons.

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Teach Abroad

An American Abroad, Teaching English to the English

Upon arriving in a sleepy hamlet home to one of the UK's larger and older private boarding schools, I received considerable flak about the fact that I was an American teaching in the school's English department.

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Career for a Year: Teaching Abroad

Looking for an entry-level job that involves hiking in the Andes? Here's what it takes to land a position teaching abroad.

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Teaching in Mauritania: Life Amongst Nuns, Donkeys, and Schoolchildren

Driving away from the airport on the only paved road in Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania, Elisa was shocked. Her first impression was worse than she could have imagined.

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Work Abroad

Tips to Find a Great Overseas Job

There are a lot of things to consider before you accept a job in a foreign country. Many people dream of taking their career abroad, but if you're thinking of working in another nation, you need to put together a game plan.

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Working Overseas: It Takes More than a Passport

You know you want to work internationally. Perhaps you studied abroad and are now sold on the notion of living and working overseas.

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Things I Wish I had Known before Moving to Europe to Work

An understanding of immigration laws, banking, taxes and other bureaucratic issues can be vital to a smooth transition abroad.

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Moving Abroad: The Good and the Bad

I've been living abroad for over a year and I don't have plans to go back anytime soon. Then again, I didn't have plans to stay in the first place.

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