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Sports is an industry -- an extremely popular industry -- that features a wide number of career choices. You don't have to be an athlete to be successful in sports, and the opportunities in management, marketing, business and support functions seem to expand all the time.

Sorting through all the possible career paths is a job in itself, so here are some articles we think might help.


Got Hoop Dreams? Get an Internship in Sports

Even if you're not destined to play in the pros, there are plenty of lucrative jobs in sports.

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A Step by Step Guide to Getting into the Sports Biz

Sports business can be highly competitive, but here's a four-year plan for breaking in.

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Can't Hit a Fastball or Sing a High Note to Save Your Life? The Sports or Entertainment Biz Could Still Be For You

Given the scope of the sports and entertainment industry, it is possible to envision a job for a grad with nearly any background, but certainly some may be more likely to find widespread opportunities in the field.

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Job Profile: GM of a Pro Sports Team

The General Manager of a professional sports team is like the head of any business organization.

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Job Profile: Sports Event Management

Not a superstar athlete? With a career in Sports Event Management, you can still participate in the big events. Learn more now.

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Rising Stars: Sportscaster Lives for the Camera

Meredith is still a college student, but she's working hard to accrue experience as a television sportscaster while she finishes her degree in Broadcast Journalism. She's excited to follow the paths of other women in sports news, and to open doors for those behind her.

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Have a Ball in Sports Marketing

The billboards at your local stadium, the corporate-sponsored tournament you watch on TV, and the commercials with athletes promoting your favorite fast-food chain are all products of the innovative thinking and hard work of sports marketing professionals.

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Are You Ready for the Big Leagues?

By earning a sports management degree, you'll be setting yourself up for a plethora of career opportunities. From professional sports and college-level athletics, to health and fitness organizations, there are many sports management careers beyond the ball field.

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Rising Stars: Ensuring Quality for the New England Patriots

After deciding he wanted to work in the sports industry, Scott used his determination and a bit of networking to get an internship with the New England Patriots. Eventually, he was promoted to Quality Control Coordinator.

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Dispelling the Myths About Working in Sports

Think coaching and managing are the only opportunities available? Think again.

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