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When it comes to resumes and cover letters, advice is pretty easy to come by. Everybody has an opinion on how those all-important documents should be constructed, how they should look, what makes them work.

To help you filter some of the discussions, we've added some of our own -- we've chosen some articles that we think will help you with a killer resume.


Square One: Create a resume

It's time to write your resume, and like most, you may cringe at the very thought of it.

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How to Post Your Resume Online

Set aside your box of cream-colored resume-grade bond paper. A well-written, beautifully laid out, and carefully printed resume is no longer the key to a successful job hunt.

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Is Your Resume a Lie?

A resume is a marketing tool - it should showcase your experience and qualifications in the most succinct and relevant way possible. And that often means being selective in the kind of information that you include or crafty in your wording.

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Is Your Resume Recruiter Friendly?

Making your resume "recruiter friendly" is a smart move in a job search.

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Creating an Effective Resume When You Lack the Required Credentials

Creating an effective, "targeted" resume is the first step to getting a great job. But what do you do when you know you've found the perfect job and your credentials aren't quite right?

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What Employers Think When They Read Your Resume

If you're like most job seekers, the hiring process can sometimes make you scratch your head in confusion. For example, how many times have you come across the "perfect" position, quickly submitted your resume and eagerly anticipated the hiring manager's call... only to hear nothing from the company?

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10 Most Overused Resume Phrases

Throughout your career, you've accomplished many feats, exceeded several goals and mastered countless skills. Now you're on yet another job hunt and you can't remember a lick of any of it.

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Simple Steps to Shape Up Your Resume

Writing a resume is a lot like hitting the gym: It requires initiative, dedication, and, at times, it can be daunting. In the long run, however, the hard work pays off and allows you to put your best foot forward with prospective employers.

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What about the 1-page Rule?

Students writing their resumes for nonprofit positions usually face a dilemma. Should they stick to the one-page-resume rule standard in business recruiting, or do they have an option to bridge the one-page barrier, which is common for academic resumes?

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25 Words That Can Hurt Your Resume

So, you're experienced? Before you advertise this in your resume, be sure you can prove it.

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