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Come to the Fair -- Prepared!

Job fairs are a great way to shop for new job opportunities, network and make personal contacts with recruiters at various organizations. Here are some techniques recommended by experts to ensure that your performance at the fair doesn't turn into a circus:

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This Dress Rehearsal Counts

It's always been a catch-22 for college grads - they need experience to get a job, but how do they get experience? It's now easier than ever to get experience with so many companies and schools encouraging internship programs. Here's why you need an internship.

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Rules of Engagement for Online Networking

Online networking sites have become increasingly popular with career-oriented finance and accounting professionals. These resources allow participants to quickly and easily expand their circle of contacts, share information and keep abreast of industry trends.

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Summer Partying Can Boost Your Career

For most of us, summer has been synonymous with vacation, long lazy days and time off. But the summer provides great opportunities to help your job search.

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Encouraging the Conversation

Have you ever found yourself in conversation with someone whose area of expertise totally stumps you? Here are some suggestions on what to do to make the most of the networking opportunity.

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Sharpening Those Networking Skills

With so many people between jobs these days, it's no surprise that everyone seems to be brushing up on their networking skills.

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Talking your way into a great job

The biggest secret about job hunting is that the best jobs go unadvertised. The only way to tap into this pool of desirable positions is to talk to the people who know about them.

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Getting What You Want at a Career Fair

Career fairs can be tricky and overwhelming events to navigate through. Here are some tips to getting you noticed and finding the job you want.

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Warning: Social Networking Can Be Hazardous to Your Job Search

Social networks are great spaces for keeping in touch with friends and posting last weekend's party pictures, but now they're being utilized by corporate recruiters to learn about job applicants. Here are some tips on how to protect your image.

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Networking for Career Success

Most executives and professionals know that, by developing a network of colleagues, they can gain a most valuable asset--one that can make a difference, especially during volatile and difficult times.

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It Really Is Who You Know

Building a personal network can be a pivotal part of getting a job. Here are some ways to get yourself out there and make some connections.

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Looking for Internships? Let your network give you a hand

For many college students, the word "networking" conjures up images of cheesy guys in bad suits passing out business cards at the company cocktail party. But networking is really about pooling your resources, talking to people, and being creative.

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Making the Connections: Beyond Networking

Does the word "networking" make your skin crawl? If so, it's time to take a new look at the name game.

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Remember Me?

If you're tempted to cut to the chase when calling up old acquaintances to network, it may be because you haven't yet gotten into character as the Long Lost Friend. Find your inner thespian before you hit the phones.

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Leveraging Contacts Part II: The Art of the Follow-up

So you have put yourself out there by calling, emailing, or meeting your contacts with the strategy we outlined in Part I of this series. Some have gotten back to you, and others you haven't heard back from. Let's say 75 percent of the people you contacted have responded -- that's pretty good, right?

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Leveraging Contacts In Your Job Search Part III: Building Your Support Team

Why stop at one, when you can have an entire team behind you? Job searchers often make a contact and then rely on them to get an interview.

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Make a Social Network Work For You

You may not find your next job by hanging around on Facebook or LinkedIn, but you sure can raise your professional profile.

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Forget About the Job, Learn to Leverage Contacts

First things first -- before you target a specific job, you'll need to be successful leveraging contacts. Here's how to make the first move. (First of a series)

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The Science of Schmooze

Networking - or making professional contacts through friends, family, and other associates - is the most popular way to find a new job, according to a recent poll.

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Up Through the Mailroom

Hollywood power players Michael Ovitz and David Geffen started their careers working in the mailroom at William Morris. Today, with so many more opportunities available to college graduates, is there any benefit left to starting in the mailroom?

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