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Despite its etiquette and formality, your interview can yield a wealth of information. The key to a successful interview is to bring some knowledge with you yet keep your eyes open for the intangibles, such as office culture and the staff's personalities. You also should know what kinds of questions to ask the interviewer, and how to interpret the answers.

Success in Job Interviews

Nearly everyone who has ever interviewed for a job can tell you a horror story that no amount of preparation or presentation could have avoided.

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Impressing Your Interviewers During a Group Interview

You've scoured job posting sites, slaved over cover letters, even found the perfect interview suit. You're so close to landing a job that you can almost taste it. First you have to survive the next step of the job application process: the interview.

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Overcoming Presentation Anxiety

When you need to give a speech or presentation, are you so nervous that you mumble and blow it? Fear not, with enough practice, the right words will come out.

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Follow-Up Letters Win Jobs

A surefire way to separate yourself from a sea of other qualified candidates is to write a follow-up letter after an interview.

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Top 10 Interview Tips from an Etiquette Professional

Interview--one of the most dreaded words in the English language for job seekers young and old. Do your hands begin to tremble or do you break out in a cold sweat when you hear the word? You're not alone.

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The Weakness Question

"What is your biggest weakness?" How do you answer a question like that? The good news is, it's a job interview, not a confessional.

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Eight Tricky Interview Questions

Does the thought of going on a job interview cause your palms to sweat and your body to break out in hives? Stop itching; you're not alone.

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Ace the Second Interview...and the Third

At many organizations the next step after a successful interview is more interviews. You should always be prepared to go back to the company for an encore.

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Beware of the Top 5 Interview Mistakes

If you worry you'll be a disaster in an interview, we have tips to help you survive.

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Rejection Recovery: Here's The Secret

If you've gotten to this stage of the game without ever facing rejection - from a college, internship program, fraternity, or even a long sought-after date - let's just say you're one of the lucky ones. Here are a few tried-and-true strategies for picking yourself up and nursing that ego back to health after the dreaded rejection letter.

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