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Is it really all about the spotlight? Well, sort of, even if you never show up in the spotlight, a career in the entertainment industry is (at least secretly) on everybody's wish list. Whether it's in front of the camera, writing scripts or producing, there's a lot to look at.

To help you, we've selected some articles that may inspire you to look further in this direction.


Getting Your Script From Paper to Television

Writing for television can be a daunting process, but with enough preparation and tenacity, your work could make it to the small screen.

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Given the scope of the entertainment industry, it is possible to envision a job for a grad with nearly any background, but certainly some may be more likely to find widespread opportunities.

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Commercial Producer

Twentysomethings across the country are forging their own paths in the new world of work.

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The Truth About Entertainment

Entertainment is a dynamic industry dominated by preconceived notions. This article sheds some light on this mysterious industry and blasts the myths.

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The Inside Scoop on Showbiz

The entertainment industry may be a showcase for creative talent, but it's first and foremost an intensely competitive business. Where you live and who you know can often trump your ability and talent.

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Serious about showbiz? Here's how to get a great Agent

If you're serious about getting into the entertainment business you have probably thought about getting an agent. Here's one writer who doesn't believe it's as big a deal as some think, but offers his own experience on the matter.

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Comedy Careers: Learning to Be Funny is No Joke

"You bomb. You bomb a lot," says Judy Carter, president of Comedy Workshop Productions. We sat down one-on-one with Carter for a conversation on comic careers.

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Rising Stars: An Actor Grabs the Reins

Marie took her acting degree from NYU and ran with it, writing and starring in a one-woman show that crossed the Atlantic. At the same time, she's pursued other aspirations to bolster the volatile professional life that actors must withstand; she manages other talent and exercises her producing passion as president (and founder) of her own production company.

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Film & TV Finance 101

A beginner's guide to the money players working behind the scenes in Film & TV.

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