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August 13 2010 10:52AM
I'm vegan!

September 14 2008 9:32AM
I agree with Corey. Yes, the human race has an amazing impact on the environment, but we must also look at history and the cycle of change and know that changes are inevitable if we liv on this living planet. I think we must look back to times when we did not have electricity and all of this technology, and find simpler/"greener" ways to live our lives so we are closer in harmony with the planet, and therefore can adapt to these changes more readily.

August 27 2008 1:58PM
I must stress that although I am a big advocate of green technology it is not humans that are causing the climate to change, but rather a natural life cycle of the planet. We should not be looking at ways on how to correct this issue of even stop it because we cannot, but rather figure out how we are to adapt to the issue and continue to survive and strive as eco-friendly inhabitants of this beautiful planet. Sincerely, Corey


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