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Technology- Tools of the Trade

By Matt O'Brien

While searching for a career in the technology industry, the following resources will help you understand the business and prepare for the work.

Vault Guide to Technical Careers

Price: $29.95

What it is: A complete guide to careers in the technology industry, focusing on both tech firms and the IT departments of other companies.

Where it's at: Available on-line at the Career Library.

Benefits: One of the best places to start a technology career search. The book covers topics such as computer basics, industry trends, types of jobs, necessary training, instructions for writing resumes, and advice for job interviews.

Drawbacks: In an industry where so much information is available for free on-line, paying for books might seem like highway robbery. But this book is worth its price.


Career Guide for the High-Tech Professional: Where the Jobs Are Now and How to Land Them

Price: $10.87

Publisher: Career Press

What it is: A guide for job seekers, focused on the practical side of getting hired in the industry.

Where it's at:

Benefits: It's a great resource for help with resume-writing, corresponding with prospective employers, job search strategies, and how to handle interviews.

Drawbacks: This book lacks the basic industry research that the Vault guide provides.


The itmWEB Network: The Internet Resource Center for IT Professionals

What it is: A website and portal for those already in the IT profession and those searching for IT related jobs.

Where it's at:

Benefits: A great place to gather information on potential careers in IT and to connect with information sources. Components of the website include job listings, industry conference listings, recommended readings, links to other IT related resources, and even IT discussion forums. It includes a number of top papers with analysis and advice on working in the IT world.

Drawbacks: A confusing site for those unfamiliar with the industry. Some parts of the site are also geared more towards those already employed in IT.

What it is: A website devoted to all things technology- and computer-related and the people who make them work.

Where it's at:

Benefits: A great resource for those interested in computer-related fields. The website covers education and training needed for specific tech jobs, information on hiring and recruiting, and an option to search tech job listings. The site provides articles with up-to-date advice on hot jobs and ways to keep your skill set sharp.

Drawbacks: None. It's free, easy to read, and very current.


Fundamentals of Technology Project Management

Price: $32.97

Publisher: MC Press Online, LP

What it is: A complete guide to leading project teams in the technology industry.

Where it's at:

Benefits: Teamwork is key in the technology industry. This resource covers every aspect of project management, from leadership strategies to project presentation. It also notes common pitfalls of working in the industry and provides a number of solutions to typical problems.

Drawbacks: Can be too much information at times.


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