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Hard Work, Big Rewards: It's the Technology Way

By Matt O'Brien

The technology industry was hit hard with the dotcom disaster and ensuing chaos in 2000. However, the field as a whole has seen strong growth recently, which speaks to the fast-paced nature of tech firms and the expectations set for its employees.

Hard work, big rewards

Anyone starting a career in the technology industry needs to prepare to work hard, often, and quickly. Firms consistently expect high levels of output from their employees, and individuals should expect longer-than-usual work hours if a project calls for them. Project schedules are kept very tight and, and work can be all consuming in some tech employees' lives. Fortunately, most employers understand that adjustments must be made to compensate for the demanding workloads. Typically, a technology firm will foster a friendlier and laid-back environment, with bonuses such as casual dress and readily available office refreshments. Also, employees at tech companies are often compensated at higher rates than employees in other industries. In all, the tech industry is ideal for those who want rewarding paychecks and are willing to work for them.


Team players

Most technology firms also make heavy use of teamwork, as projects are most often accomplished by groups rather than by individuals. This teamwork tends to create a social atmosphere in the office, especially since people doing similar types of work often find it helpful to share information with each other. Most people with successful careers in the tech industry will tell you that it was their communication and group leadership skills, rather than their technical knowledge that made the difference for their careers.


Never stop learning

Another important component of the tech culture takes place outside of the office. User groups, professional associations, and other industry-related organizations provide opportunities to network and exchange skills and knowledge that are very helpful in career advancement. Opportunities for improving one's technical skills are abundant, as most firms sponsor training sessions to keep their employees up to date on the latest code or applications.


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