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Technology- Blasting the Myths, Learning the Truths

By Matt O'Brien

The technology industry receives a huge amount of press, and the general public's level of understanding of field varies greatly. As a result, many people exploring careers in technology may have questions about the industry. Here are some common misconceptions and the corresponding truths.

"All the tech jobs are in Silicon Valley"

While California does have a huge concentration of high tech companies, many people are surprised to find that most tech jobs are not even located at tech firms. Most individuals working in the tech industry find jobs in IT departments of other organizations, and these jobs are available literally everywhere in the country.


"Knowing technology is more important than understanding business"

Many people looking for careers in the technology industry find their abilities split between business and technology. While it is important for any one in the tech business to have a fundamental understanding of the technology they work with, most successful workers find that their communications and management skills do more for their careers than their technical skills do.


"I need a computer science degree to break into the tech industry"

A number of successful individuals we interviewed recall being concerned while getting started in the tech industry that their degrees would not prepare them well for their jobs. All, however, found that the willingness to work hard and be open to learning on the job allowed them to be successful despite their degrees in subjects such as humanities or government. In fact, many added that their unique backgrounds actually made them more dynamic employees. Many avenues are open to individuals wishing to get some training in technology, such as 2-year degree programs and short computer training courses.


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