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The Summer of Your Dreams

By Caitlin Green

Most college students try to obtain summer jobs that will pay well and/or look good on a resume. But what if you could get that fantasy internship? Or do something you've always wanted to that never seemed feasible? What would your dream job be?

In a recent Experience survey, we asked college students to select their summer dream job from a list of five alternatives:

  • Working in the office of a high powered exec on Wall Street
  • Interning on the set of a Hollywood studio
  • Teaching English to school kids in Zimbabwe
  • Life-guarding at Club Med in Tahiti
  • Participating in an archaeological dig in Jordan

An overwhelming 31% of the students responded their summer dream job would be working in the office of a high powered executive on Wall Street. Twenty-four percent wanted to intern on the set of a Hollywood studio, while 19% of the students chose teaching English to school kids in Zimbabwe. As for life-guarding, 14% of the students chose to spend the summer saving lives at Club Med in Tahiti. Only a mere 12% stated their summer dream job would be to participate in an archaeological dig in Jordan.

But what if you could choose to go anywhere or do anything for the whole summer? One student from Lehigh University said he would work at Walt Disney World. Whether posing as a character or working one of the rides, he wanted to spend his summer at the most magical place on Earth. Another student from Northern Kentucky University would enjoy constructing outdoor classrooms at elementary schools. A handful of respondents said they would prefer spending their summers teaching. Two students cited working with exotic animals and helping to conserve the rainforest as their dream jobs, while a respondent from Oklahoma State University said she would most like to work in a hospital's psychiatric ward. A student from Illinois Institute of Technology even went so far as to say his dream job would be to spend a summer with the Navy Seals.

Summer jobs and internships can be grueling, but they can also be very beneficial experiences - regardless of whether you find your dream job. So far, only 9% of students polled had actually lined up a summer job or internship. Which goes to show that there's still time for dreaming!

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