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Sales: A Transforming Industry

By Alice Speri

Forget what you know about sales because the industry is changing. Learn more about a career in sales.

Forget the image of a slick-tongued, annoyingly insistent traveling salesman, slipping a foot in your door to subject you to an endless spiel about the fabulous home cleaning products until you buy the entire stock out of exasperation. Today, sale representatives are the primary intermediaries between any company and its clientele, and in the last few decades their image has been completely transformed.

While the
simple art of persuasion still remains central to this age-old career, the constantly changing sales industry is reinvented almost every day by you ideas and creative players.

We won't deny it: a career in sales is not for everyone. It takes an enthusiastic, socially exuberant, almost indefatigable personality to overcome even the first inevitable frustrations of the job. Becoming a successful salesman takes solid experience and means putting up with a few closed doors, but the rewards for those willing to endure the tough warm-up period can be quite worth the trouble.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect to the job is the fact that great work translates right into a great paycheck, and enthusiasm and success are often directly proportional.  Another motivating factor is the relative ease of entry into the profession. With an abundance of entry-level positions, almost anyone at least qualifies for the job, and though managerial positions usually require a bachelor's degree or MBA, professional growth in the field is largely based on personal determination and the quality of your interactions with clients.

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