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Being Your Own Salesperson

By Alice Speri

Not all careers in sales mean working for a large company. Sales is actually an ideal solution for those looking to venture into entrepreneurship.

Like very few others, sales is the ideal make-it-yourself job.
    Founded upon the principles of individual talent and resources,
    this career path is the perfect solutions for those aspiring to
    go solo and become the managers of their time, style, and
    profit. Here are some basic clues on what it means to be out on
    the market on your own:

Your own entrepreneur

Of course sale representatives do have managers and bosses, but if they are skilled, they get to see very little of them. The independent job by definition, that of a representative has all the advantages of being by yourself: no one to tell you what to do and when, no one to interfere with your methods. Until the end of the sale period at least, when the effects of your self-leadership will be put to test. While motivating to many, in fact, the autonomy granted by this job can turn catastrophic if you don't know how to manage your time and efforts. In sales, the zeal to paycheck equation is entirely up to you, but an effective self-boss is many times more demanding than an assigned one.

Selling products not yourself

Any old manual for aspiring salesman will bless you with the commandment 'Sell yourself.' There is no notion more wrong, and coming to terms with a history of preconceptions can be the most challenging part of your start off in the sales world.

While politeness and a decent appearance are unquestionably fundamentals to the job, a servile attitude is not. You are selling products, not your dignity, and being respectful doesn't mean diminishing yourself in front of your client. In fact, adulation is actually counterproductive: customers have grown smarter than that and sweet talk will annoy them and damage your work; make your product speak for its qualities instead, and your professionalism will gain in credibility.

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