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Keeping Up With The Latest Sales Trends

By Alice Speri

Discover new sales strategies and approaches to keep your competition at a distance.

Selling things is an old art, but one that is also at the basis of all economical systems, and that will quite possibly 'never die'. It can get pretty dull though, and a modern sales representative has to constantly spice up his profession with new strategies and approaches that will keep the competition at a distance. Whether you have already entered the business world or you are still contemplating your options, here are some of the latest trends worth knowing about.


After spelling bees have grown up to become debate champs, here's the latest competition that has exorcised the world of adults turning work into a game.

Hosted by Pi Sigma Epsilon - the national professional co-ed fraternity  - Sell-a-Thon is a mix between a very fun internship and a very instructive real-TV challenge. The program pairs up college students with expert sales reps and combines training to the job with the competition spirit that is at the very basis of every real-life sale. Even if you are out of college and can no longer participate, this Sell-a-Thon is a great hint on how to approach a job in sales: take it as a fun, high-intensity race, where you are constantly proving yourself. Whether that's motivating or overly stressful, the choice is yours to make.


Maybe psychology is not exactly what comes to mind when you think of new trends. The application of psychology to sales, however, is a possibility just recently embraced, and it has opened innumerable doors. We are not suggesting that you go read all of Freud's work now; many psychological principles in fact, are already part of your human experience. What we are hinting, however, is that at the basis of sales is human interaction, and what will make you a successful representative are those elements of common sense that you daily use in your personal relationships: listening is more important than talking, body signals play a huge role in your communication, and the list goes on. If the idea fascinates you, Robert Cialdini's Influence is the Bible of the sensible salesman.

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