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Must-Have Resources For Your Sales Career

By Alice Speri

Boosting your career in sales may mean filling your bookshelf with these must-have resources.

There are hundreds of sales manuals in every self-help corner of every bookstore in the country. Navigating them can be challenging, as they all have huge bold titles and aggressive covers and -let's face it - they all kind of seem the same. But since these books are supposed to teach you how to sell well, picking the best-sellers might be a wise starting point. A tip: these books are thick, learn how to scan what interests you. Here's a list - but by no means an exhaustive one- of the moment's hottest buys.

The Psychology of Selling/The Art of Closing Sales by Brian Tracy

Price: $69.00

Publisher: Nightingale Conant

What it is: By the guru: a guide to the most successful selling techniques. All of them.

Where it's at: Anywhere. But for cheaper deals.

Benefits: From 'Why People Buy Sections' to 'Successful Closing Techniques' this manual is comprehensive like few others.

Drawbacks: It's pricey, comes with 6 CDs and will dreadfully remind you of those interminable economics course packs you thought you were done with.


The Sales Bible by Jeffrey Gitomer

Price: $ 23.00

Publisher: William Morrow

What it is: A light, short list of suggestions from a salesman-turned-consultant.

Where it's at:

Benefits: Lots of citations, aphorisms and sales mantras.

Drawbacks: Long and not too organized.


Mastering the Complex Sale by Jeff Thull

Price: $ 17.00

Publisher: Wiley                             

What it is: The usual sales review, with a customer-centered approach.

Where it's at:

Benefits: Fresh style and-finally-an original approach.

Drawbacks: Not a lot of examples.


Closing Strong/The Super Sales Handbook by Myers Barnes

Price: $ 11.00              

Publisher: MBA Publications

What it is: 9 inches of serious sales reference.

Where it's at:

Benefits: There is absolutely nothing that is not mentioned in this book.

Drawbacks: This is something to consult when you need it. Don't even think of reading the whole thing.


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