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Ask Buffy- Sports Management Freshman

By Buffy Filippell, TeamWork Online
TeamWork Online

What is the best way for a college freshman to get their foot in the door?

I am currently a full-time freshman Sports Management major. My question for you is, what is the best way for a freshman like me to "get my foot in the door" if you will, with a professional sports team? Is it even possible for a person with my current level of experience to get for instance a summer internship in the sports world?

- Sports Management Freshman

Dear Sports Management Freshman:

I would go to each of the sports teams in your area to see if you can do an internship, go to any career fairs you can and try to meet as many people as possible to get an internship. Look at some of our new baseball internships. I would also suggest that you work for your own school's athletic department. Check to see if any speakers are coming to your college, or whether your college has sports executive contacts that you can call yourself for informational interviews. Volunteer for events like the Dew Action Sports Tour if a stop is in your hometown. Look at internships at tennis tournaments in the summer, if there is any in your area. You should meet everyone you can and try to get as many internships or volunteer positions as possible before you finish college. Then get some sales experience at even a retail store and you should qualify for the NBA Teams Ticket Sales Job Fair, or ones hosted by MLS or some of our other leagues.


Buffy Filippell has recruited over 350 executives in the sports industry. Read more at TeamworkOnline. 

Buffy G. Filippell founded TeamWork Consulting, Inc., an executive search firm for the sports and event management industry in September of 1987. The firm's more than 120 clients have included: NASCAR, PGA TOUR, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLS, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, International Speedway Corporation, Major League Soccer, Olympic Governing Bodies, corporate sponsors, and sports marketing agencies. Learn more at

All TeamWork Online content copyright © 2008 Buffy Filippell, President, TeamWork Online LLC.

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