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True Tales from Interviews

By Experience

We asked, you answered! Read some of our favorite interview stories, tips, and advice- submitted by you!

Sing it ??

My interview was a very lengthy one and lasted about an hour and a half. Towards the end of it all, the interviewer to my astonishment, asked me to sing a song!! At first I thought I did not hear him right and asked him whether he actually wanted me to sing. It turned out he did. Fortunately, I was able to maintain my composure and sang an inspirational one suitable for the occasion. One never knows what to expect in an interview. It's up to you to convert the situation to your advantage. RaviT., SyracuseUniversity

Time Check

I had a phone interview a couple weeks ago, and I had it scheduled for after my last class that day. In the middle of the class, I heard my phone vibrate. The second I heard it, I realized my mistake. My phone interview was coming from the east coast, so it was set for 2:30pmEASTERN time, not CENTRAL. I freaked out, left class, spilled my water all over myself and the floor on the way out, and then ran to my room to call them back. I was so frazzled that the rest of the interview did not go well. However, somehow I still got the internship.- Melinda, Vanderbilt

My First

I remember when I had my very first interview, it was February of 2002. I went in with so much confidence. The week before I had prepared myself with a list of question that I would probably be asked during my interview by the employer and a list of questions I would ask in the interview about the company I was seeking employment with. On that day I was dressed in a soft grey suit with my brief case handy with resume' cover letters etc. Once I arrived at the office for my interview I was very polite to the receptionist and even engaged in conversations with the people in the waiting area.

During the interview I was very open not afraid to speak and before the interview was even over the employer asked me when could I start. What I learned from past experiences is learn to speak clearly and answer questions completely and don't go all the way around the world to answer the question when asked. Always be prepared to ask questions yourself about benefits, opportunities for advancement and continuing education, and what a typical day is like in the current position you are interviewing for. So remember, keep eye contact and when they ask the question where do you see yourself in five years for god sakes don't say sitting in your share ideas about furthering your education to obtain a bachelors degree or masters degree etc...Detrenyona C.,??Albany TechnicalCollege

Animal Magnetism

On this one interview, for a small startup tech company, the CEO's dog was present while I was interviewed. The dog became especially interested in my leg. I kept shuffling and moving to protect myself from the dog, but the dog just wouldn't quit. The interviewer took no notice of the dog at all. I tried to maintain my composure, but inside I was silently panicking. How could the interviewer not see this? Was this some sort of test of my concentration? It was the strangest interview experience I've ever had." - Peter T.

The Date

I had survived my second round of grueling all-day interviews with a high profile firm.? Over the course of two days, I had met with ten different staffers and now I was in the home stretch. I felt confident I had done well. As I was gearing up to leave, the hiring manager blushed and said he had one more question: "Would I be interested in going for pizza and a movie the following Saturday night?" In one inappropriate?-yet revealing moment- my desire to take that job evaporated.- Ann T.

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