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Brush Up On Your Consulting Knowledge

By Alice Speri

Consulting publications offer several tips for breaking into the consulting industry.

Most of the many publications on consulting actually deal with?the breaking into the career field rather than with what to do?once you are in. On the market- as well as in the career?advising offices of any university- you'll find plenty of?advice for perfect resumes and brilliant interviews, as well as?contacts with recruiting programs and comprehensive lists of?all the consulting firms in the country. But to actually learn?the job you'll have to wait until you are at it. Here are some?of the favorite resources:

The Harvard Business School Guide to Careers in Management Consulting

Price: $ 30.00

Publisher: Harvard Business School Press

What it is: One of the best job-search resources on the market. Invaluable.

Where it's at:

Benefits: Includes profiles of well-known consulting firms, a mailing list of recruiting contacts, a selected bibliography of relevant books, and useful websites.

Drawbacks: A little too basic.

Vault Career Guide to Consulting

Price: $20.00

Publisher: Vault Inc.

What it is: The other best job-search resource on the market.

Where it's at:

Benefits: A very thorough guide to consulting- basic to specifics.

Drawbacks: The writing is quite dry, and way too long.

Wharton on Making Decisions

Price: $14.00

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

What it is: An excellent guide to managerial decision making from one of the highest-ranked business programs in the country: the Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania.

Where it's at:

Benefits: Its opening line: "Most of us do not make great decisions, and few of us are aware of this fact."

Drawbacks: This book is huge, and not always easy to digest.

Killer Consulting Resumes/WetFeet Insider Guide?or Ace Your Case/Mastering the Case Interview (in the same series)

Price: $15.00

Publisher: WetFeet Inc.

What it is: How to get in, even if you have never had any consulting experience before.

Where it's at:

Benefits: Short, witty and effective.

Drawbacks: A little too similar to a "How To Get Into College" guide. It doesn't say much on what will happen after you get in.

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