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Weirdest Interview Survey Results

By Experience

What's the weirdest question you've ever been asked in an interview? Read some of the stories submitted to Experience.

As a male, I was being questioned at an internship fair for a major retailer. One of the first questions that the recruiter asked me was: "So, why do you want to work with women's underwear?".  -Vince

How tall was I? Well, in a set of heels I'm 6 ft female. -Catherine

Are you a cat person? -Lea

I interviewed for a position as a bank teller while I was on leave from school. One of the interview questions was, "What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?" I responded by saying that I couldn't name one flavor specifically, but that the ice cream would have to have little pieces or swirls of something mixed in because I appreciate variety. I then asked them the importance of ice cream flavors, and was told that a favorite flavor can say a lot about someone's personality. The interviewers (there were 2 of them) said they had never had someone give a response like mine before, and that they were impressed with the thought I'd put into an impromptu question such as that. Later that same day, I received a call to say I'd been offered the position. -Lisa

If you were a breakfast cereal what would you be and why? -Sarah

I was sat down in a dark meeting room, one light and no windows. I was given 7 pieces of paper. Each one had a complex engineering problem which I was asked to solve, one by one with no calculator, pencil or paper to write on. -Anne

Do you like pineapples? What do they mean to you? -Tess

Why do you want to work here? (Duh!!!) - Richard

I was asked what I did in high school that was against the rules. I was told that the group's manager had done the cherry bombs in the toilets routine and that another member of the group had hacked into the school's computer system. - Robyn

I was negotiating with a faith community in Ghana to bring their high Priestess to a conference in Chicago. The community set stringent requirements that needed to be met before Madam could attend, even though she spends most of her time working with the U. N. in NYC. One of the Elders asked me if I could hold Madam's hand during the entire conference, if neccessary or appropriate. I was nervous but assured him that I would do everything within my power to meet Madam's needs. Madam attended the conference and required my assistance (of a hand or arm) infrequently. Life is full of marvels. -Laurie

Why do they make manholes round? -Elise

When interviewed for a job, as a CAD designer for an aircraft modification company: What political party are you in? Huh!? -Cal

Are you Republican or Democrat? I'm pretty sure it was illegal to ask that, which was weird because it was a lawyer asking me. -Skylar

If you were a pizza, what kind would you be and with what toppings? -Amanda

We have a social studies department of all men, as a woman what would you bring to the department? -asked by the assistant principal. -Danielle

How can we help to better you? I thought for a second and then said "By hiring me for this position". - Shanedra

This isn't really a weird question, but actually a weird situation. Many years ago I interviewed for a Power Supply company. After the initial HR descriptions of benefits, etc, the HR person began to ask technical questions. After awhile I realized I wasn't going to see the hiring manager; the technical interview was going to be done by HR. At that point, I wrote off the company, but decided I should at least finish the interview. When asked, "What do you think about your present company as a whole?", I replied, "I couldn't agree more." (You might want to say this out loud.) She looked at me puzzled, and about a minute later said, "Oh, I get it!" Needless to say, I didn't hear anything from them, and they didn't hear anything from me. -Larry

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