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Experience Salary Survey Results 2006- NonProfit

By Experience

From May to September 2006, Experience asked graduating students (class of '06) to share their success in finding a full-time job. We are pleased to let you in on this hiring information now. Take a look at what the class of 2006 is up to- and benefit from the experiences of other members in the Experience community!

Most students hired in this industry pursued communications, psychology, and other liberal arts majors, including art, economics, education, English/literature, history, human services, library science, public health, social science and social work.

For full-time jobs in the non-profit industry, the median salary was $26k-$35k. Positions ranged from consulting to creative design, customer service, social work, counseling, analysis, administration, and fundraising.

Hiring organizations included AARP, Boys & Girls Club, Goodwill Industries, Easter Seals, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Koch Charitable Foundation, Make-A-Wish Foundation, NAFSA and YMCA.

Want more information on salaries in other industries? 

When you get a job or internship this academic year, please share your success with us so we can continue to offer an up-to-date view on hiring stats.

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