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Who's Hiring Now in Nonprofit

By Ilana Kalmbach, Commongood Careers

Finding a way to break into the nonprofit sector can seem a daunting task for anyone, especially for someone looking to start a career.

You may know that you want to make a difference in a certain area, that you have the right kind of training to take on a specific need in a community, or that you have some innovative ideas to bring to the sector, but may not know where to turn to get the experience many higher level jobs require.  In this article, we give you an inside look at some great organizations hiring at the entry-level to help you kick off your nonprofit career. 

Teach for America

Since its founding in 1990, Teach For America has offered young professionals the opportunity to work in closing the education gap in the United States.  It has reached over 3 million students since its establishment by recruiting young leaders from across America to invest two years in teaching in urban and rural public schools.

Teach For America encourages its teachers or corps members to directly face the complexities that come with instruction in underserved public schools, giving the students access to a quality of education that might have otherwise denied to them.  The organization also encourages its alumni to work to improve the public school system beyond the two year teaching commitment in order to foster long-lasting change in education. 

Right now, Teach For America is growing at a rapid pace and growing with it are staff opportunities, according to Alice Lunsford, Director of External Talent Recruitment at Teach for America.  This means that there are entry level positions both at the national and regional level that immediately give young professionals a chance to see how Teach For America works and make a direct impact in the organization.  Positions as assistants to high level directors and coordinators at the national level are often available.  Additionally Teach For America offers positions in many of its 26 regional offices with opportunities in operations and development at the entry-level.

"[Teach For America] is filled with people who are passionate about their work and working in a smart manner toward measurable goals," Lunsford said. "It's the culture that I think makes it a great place to work, especially coming out of college."

The organization also encourages employees to map out their own career trajectories and consider their goals for their careers in the future, giving employees a chance to think about where their experience at Teach For America will lead. 

For a full list of Teach for America's open positions visit:


Jumpstart is an organization that welcomes entry-level jobseekers dedicated to helping young children develop strong literacy, language, and social skills.  The organization, established in 1993 at Yale University, uses an entrepreneurial, results-oriented approach to foster one-to-one connections between caring adults, known as Corps members, and preschool children.

Jumpstart Corps members are paired with preschool children from low-income backgrounds in the classroom setting and work together on language, literacy, social, and initiative skills for one year. Through this relationship, Jumpstart inspires children to learn, adults to teach, families to get involved and communities to progress together. Jumpstart is working toward the day every child in America enters school prepared to succeed.

Like many other growth oriented nonprofits today, Jumpstart is adding entry-level positions to build support and capacity.   Kerry Connor, Recruitment Manager at Jumpstart, describes the organization as having a "fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment" that strongly encourages professional development.

As part of a commitment to developing careers from within, Jumpstart provides opportunities for those at the entry-level to investigate their areas of interest and expertise. "Someone might think that they belong in a certain position because of their degree," said Connor, "but we like to be open minded about it and give people the opportunity to explore different aspects of the organization." 

Connor also noted that Jumpstart values constantly challenging their employees and making sure everyone continues to grow in their position.  "Flexible, adaptable, coachable is really what we look for in our entry-level candidates," she said. 

With a focus on learning, gaining experience, flexibility and opportunities to advance, Jumpstart is a great place to kick start a career that can really take you places. 

For a full list of Jumpstart's open positions visit:

Calvert Foundation

Calvert Foundation is a nonprofit community investment organization that lends money to nonprofit organizations and social enterprises working to alleviate poverty around the globe.  Using investment strategies to support the development of community housing and facilities, small businesses, and social innovations, Calvert Foundation makes an impact on the lives of people worldwide. 

Since its founding more than 10 years ago, the foundation has used investment capital, instead of conventional philanthropy, to enable nonprofit organizations and social enterprises to make recognizable changes in the communities they serve.  In 2007 alone, Calvert Foundation loaned organizations the funds to rebuild or rehabilitate more than 2,000 houses and has helped create over 1,000 new small businesses. 

Calvert Foundation has many associate positions for young professionals right out of college with the right qualifications, according to Carrie McGarry, Calvert Foundation's Marketing Manager. 

One entry-level opportunity is Community Sales Associate, a position focused on helping to promote the programs of the foundation by being the first point of contact with the foundation's investors, donors and partners.  This position provides the opportunity to see the inside of community investing and use that knowledge to move forward in one's career. 

Another position available for recent graduates or people with little work experience is the Community Investment Partner Associate.  This position offers the chance to be a liaison between Calvert Foundation and its current and prospective partners, ultimately making a difference in developing communities in need. 

On the cutting edge of community investment, Calvert Foundation is a great place to start a career in the nonprofit sector for someone innovative and looking to the newest trends in making an impact on the world. 

For a full list of Calvert Foundation's open positions visit:

Go Out and Get It

Nonprofit organizations all over the world are growing and are looking for the right people to step in with the best and newest ways to create big change in communities everywhere.  Getting an entry-level position in the nonprofit sector not only gives you the opportunity to do something good for the world, it also gives you a chance to gather new skills, experience new things, and work in a fast-paced, innovative environment. 

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