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Emerging Trends in Social Enterprise

The social enterprise and nonprofit world is a rapidly changing landscape, but three trends form the epicenter of its development. Read about them here.

A Wave of Innovation

The current milieu of social enterprise is remarkably innovative. Organizations often address tremendous challenges with limited resources. This triggers a constant search for new, smart and effective ways of doing things. The Google Foundation and Grameen Bank are both vivid examples of inventive ways of changing the world, and they are just beginning to scratch the surface of what is ultimately possible. 

From Nonprofit to MBA

Twenty years ago, most business schools didn't even offer the courses in corporate social responsibility and nonprofit management that are now considered staples of sound curricula.  Today, business schools are some of the most vibrant centers for studying nonprofit strategy and management, as well as networking with student-colleagues focused on effecting social change. These programs increasingly emphasize leadership and strategic thinking applicable to the nonprofit world, which make an MBA patently relevant for aspiring nonprofit professionals. 

Leaders, Step Up!

According to a recent report by the Bridgespan Group, a nonprofit consultancy, the nonprofit sector faces a serious leadership deficit and will need to add 640,000 new senior managers -- 2.4 times the number currently employed -- over the next decade.  A formidable challenge, but one that spells great news for recent graduates poised for leadership in the nonprofit world. 

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