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Inside Commongood Careers with Allyson Schneider

By Commongood Careers

Service Manager Allyson Schneider knows what it takes to succeed in the nonprofit sector. Find out what she thinks about nonprofit search, and what job candidates can do to stand out from the crowd.

Service Manager Allyson Schneider knows what it takes to succeed in the nonprofit sector. She sees hundreds of resumes and speaks to dozens of talented individuals pursuing careers in the nonprofit sector each week. Find out what she thinks about nonprofit search, and what job candidates can do to stand out from the crowd.

Q: What's the typical day like in the life of a Service Manager at Commongood Careers?

A: Every day is split between managing candidates and managing organizations around the search process. I'm currently working on about seven positions with our nonprofit partners. Since every organization has its own culture, I spend time getting to know each partner, including visiting them in person. In working with candidates, I conduct many phone screens each week for specific positions, and also work with candidates to steer them towards positions that fit with their experiences and backgrounds.

Q: What drew you to this position?

A: I wanted to work for the nonprofit sector at large, not just one particular organization. My current role is a great way to gain insight into how a lot of organizations work and what makes them tick. I'm really interested in what sort of people nonprofits need to be productive and sustainable. As a part-time business school student, it is exciting to be part of an entrepreneurial organization like Commongood Careers. I've already seen the organization grow and expand, which is really exciting to me.

Q: What's exciting to you about the nonprofit sector today?

A: Many nonprofits today are breaking unfounded stereotypes, such as nonprofits are inefficient and poorly managed, or made up of people lacking business sense. The organizations I work with at Commongood Careers are smart, well-educated, and understand how to make a business run. They are looking for like-minded people to join them. There has been a huge shift in the kind of people that work in the sector, especially more MBAs and people from management consulting.

Q: What advice do you have for nonprofit jobseekers?

A: When I talk to candidates, I tell them that there's a lot more than just having good experience on paper. I think what's most important is having strong interviewing skills, such as being really engaged with the interviewer, and well educated about the organization. Having energy and confidence can really make a candidate stand out too. Be able to articulate why you think a job is the right fit. And I can't recommend it enough: read our interview tips!

Finally, we want to work with you to make sure you are marketing yourself well for a given position or organization. Utilize our jobseeker services, keep looking at positions, and check our site often. Please don't hesitate to contact us for help

For more information about nonprofit and socially entrepreneurial careers, visit Commongood Careers at

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