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Top 10 Scholarship Don'ts


Here are the top 10 Scholarship Don'ts that could increase your chances of winning.

Make the most of this opportunity.

Scholarship judges may spend just a few precious minutes or even seconds reviewing your scholarship application. With such a finite amount of time to make a lasting impression on these important decision makers, it's crucial that you make the most of this opportunity. If not, your application may be on the fast track to the circular file. To help, here are the Top 10 Scholarship Don'ts that you must know to increase your chances of winning.

  1. Don't overlook your college financial aid officer or guidance counselor . Helping students pay for college is their job, and you should take advantage of the knowledge they've accumulated.
  2. Don't ignore the Internet . Fire up the computer, and use free web-based scholarship searches like ours to find more scholarships.
  3. Don't ignore small awards . When there are scholarships worth tens of thousands of dollars, you might think you shouldn't bother with the ?small potato? awards. The truth is that a $1,000 scholarship is $1,000 less that you will need to come up with for college
  4. Don't think that you have to be an academic or athletic superstar to win . There are scholarships based on leadership, art, music, theatre, community service and more.
  5. Don't be a victim of a scholarship scam . Never pay for a scholarship search, to apply for a scholarship or for a listing of awards. You can find scholarships on your own for free, and applying for a scholarship should always be free.
  6. Don't use the shotgun approach . Remember that all organizations that award scholarships have different selection criteria. This means that the same application won't work for all of them.
  7. Don't forget to answer the question in your essay . There's a reason why the scholarship organizations provide the essay questions. They want to know your answer. An essay can be very well written, but if it doesn't answer the question asked, then it's not going to win.
  8. Don't wait until the last minute . You may think that you do your best work on the day before the deadline at 3 a.m. , but if you review your work you'll probably see that you don't. Take the pressure off, and allow yourself more time to complete an application.
  9. Don't turn in an application that is incomplete . Scholarship organizations receive far more applicants than they can support. Don't give them a reason to take you out of the running for not having a complete application.
  10. Don't think that it's impossible for you to win . Every student who has won a scholarship has thought this. And guess what? They won, and you can, too!

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