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Making Price Comparisons Online

By Dakota Caudilla

Look before you buy.

Well, who doesn?t know that we can get stuff really cheap in eBay?

The reason why so many people spend a lot of time online to research on the products that they want to buy BEFORE they actually buy it is because comparison shopping, especially online shopping, pays! Well, it doesn?t actually pay you cash, but it will work to your advantage to find out everything you can about the product(s) before you buy them. Some comparison shopping websites give unbiased reviews about the products that they have used and some comparison shopping websites even have links to websites where you can shop online too!

Well, who doesn?t know that we can get stuff really cheap in eBay? The good thing about reading about the unbiased reviews from others through sites like eBay and other auction sites is that you will be in a better position to make an informed decision. Even if the reviews are bad and you decided to go ahead and get it, you won?t regret it because you?re, well, sort of, prepared for it.

Sites like,, and allows the consumers to look through a whole directory of products, click on the products that they want to read about, and see the consumer ratings there. On top of that, they can even choose which seller to buy it from. These are, as far as we can tell, genuine personal opinions of consumers and it?s really quite fun to do some comparison shopping there!

One of the biggest reasons why we love comparison shopping is this ? not only are the products and the product prices compared, but, in fact, even the merchants selling those products are rated. This helps consumers stay away from merchants with bad reputations. As you know, fraud is rampant on the Internet and online shoppers are extremely careful about who they pay and who they provide their personal information to. You don?t want to your online shopping experience to scare you off online shopping forever, do you?

Independent comparison shopping websites are preferred over sites that promote and recommend their own sister company?s products. The reviews and ratings may not be reliable in this instance. Take a look at the background of the comparison shopping website and see if they are related, in any way at all, to merchants or service providers that could taint their ability to provide unprejudiced reviews.

Last but not least, comparison shopping is also about choices ? otherwise, what are you comparing against? So, the more diverse their range of products is, the more options you have. The more merchants listed in their comparison shopping website, the better for you to compare prices on the website.

Happy comparing!

About The Author: Dakota Caudilla, journalist, is the owner and co-editor of

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