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Avoiding the Poor College Student Cliche

By Linda Correli

Money is something that is difficult to get, but easy to get rid of. However, if you are smart about handling your money, you can get through college paying less and making more.

Be prepared that you won't find a job immediately.

While studying, the main source of income for you is your scholarship and some sum of money from your parents for your minor expenses. However, we all know that this is not enough to survive. The most realistic and easy way to earn some extra money is to get a grant or find a part time job.

Your college or university can you grants based on your academic performance. To get good grades is an easy way to get tidy sum of money at the end of the semester. However, to earn money in such a way takes time, persistence and a lot of efforts. Grants range from $1,200 for an A+ to 300 for a C-. Not bad really.

Besides, this way of getting money has a lot of pros. You not only get money, but heaps of knowledge in addition. Bear in mind rather hackneyed saying "Knowledge is power". Knowledge will never be a heavy burden to you and probably some day you'll take lots of benefits from it.

Another efficient, commonly utilized way of earning money is finding a part-time job. Many students took an advantage of earning money this way. Really, it has a lot of merits.

- You gain financial independence, so you can command your finances in the way you like and relieve your parents from the financial burdens.
- It helps you apply your knowledge in practice, realize yourself and feel more confident and mature.
- It is a great experience for your future job. It helps you understand the real value of money and gives you the insight into what the work is about.
- You penetrate into the adults' ?world and foster a sense of competition.
- It makes your life more colorful and is good for your personal development.
- You get acquainted with new interesting people and study from them.
- You get a roll of hard-earned money and can be proud of yourself.

Be prepared that you won't find a job immediately. The employers aren't waiting specially for you with arms wide open. Remember that the market is full of people searching for a job. And one more point is that you shouldn't expect to get high salary at once. Though it is just a temporary place to work where you get some extra money.

For a start, the below listed jobs is the thing you might start with, as you don't have to possess any special skills and they can become a good beginning for your upcoming job.

- Wash car
- Pet sitting
- Recycle soft drink cans
- Baby sitting
- Mow lawn
- Weed garden
- Garage sale

Here is the list of more sophisticated jobs which can be of interest to you:

- Barista
- Bartender
- Cafeteria Worker
- Tutor
- Personal Trainer

Treat your job seriously, but don't let it absorb all your time and strengths, as your studying is prior to your job at the moment. Make it well that in future you won't get worthy, high-paid job without profound higher education.

The tip I can give you is to estimate realistically your strengths and time. If it comes out that something is odd, quit your job easily and don't regret about it. However, if you are already working and making your living, not just pocket money, here are some useful tips and hints to help you save your hard-earned bucks:

-Always look for sales and shop only at discount stores. Discipline yourself to buy everything, even small drib?& drabs there. Remember to clip coupons and shop on double coupon days.
-Get rid of the habit to eat out too often. It will not only save you money, but also your health, as snack bars mainly serve junk food. So, cook for yourself as much as possible.
-Go to matinees instead of evening shows and patronize movie theaters that offer students discounts.
-Share an apartment or a house with your friends. After all it is just more fun to share your flat with someone else. The "cheapest" decision is to choose living in the dorm.
-Try to live without a car if you can. Start leading the healthy way of life. Ride a bike. Anyway it is an excellent way to get your body exercised.
-Buy monthly passes for whatever public transit you ride.
-Join a credit union. Credit unions frequently offer low interest loans.
-?When you want to buy something expensive, always ask yourself: "DO I REALLY NEED IT?"
-Learn a saving experience from other people.
-Repeat to yourself every morning: "I love money". Maybe they'll hear it and come to your hands. Be careful with it. Don't be too zealous. Beware of mass attacks :-)

Hope that these tips will help you make and save some money while you are in college. Good luck!

About the Author: Linda Correli is a staff writer of She students write college research papers, term books, admission essays, book report and many other types of writing assignments: from personal statements to professional case studies.

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